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Political News(2013/10/13)

Kyoto   Hakone

The idea of ​​special committees in the House of Representatives

2013-10-13 12:16:00
In Sunday discussion of NHK, and brought this one home and bill to establish a National Security Council, the handling of the "specific secret protection bill", Sato Diet affairs chief of the Liberal Democratic Party, to set up a special committee in the House of Representatives in the extraordinary Diet session Whereas showed thought, Matsubara Diet affairs chief of the Democratic Party, has urged the Special Committee on the Trans-Pacific Partnership TPP = agreement also installed.


To thorough safety at the Ministry of Defense Osprey training

2013-10-13 05:40:00
From that accident during landing of new transport aircraft Osprey were numerous in the United States, in Japan-US joint training using the Osprey this month, is carried out in Kochi Prefecture and Shiga Prefecture, etc. choose carefully the landing place, the Ministry of Defense, safety management It has decided to ensure thorough.


To the National Health Insurance premiums up discussion of high-income earners

2013-10-13 04:10:00
In the policy for national health insurance, such as self-employed persons to join, raising the limits of insurance premiums household income is high pay per year from next year, the future Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, discussion and raising and width range of households to be We decided to go to.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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