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Political News(2013/10/19)

Kyoto   Hakone

In bad weather canceled visit of Prime Minister Izu Oshima

2013-10-19 21:43:00
The 20th, Abe Prime Minister, had decided to visit the Izu Oshima sediment major disaster occurs in the heavy rain caused by typhoon No. 26, but visits from the fact that it is expected to rain intensify 20th days in the local It was decided to cancel the.


Thought suggests that explores opportunities for prime minister visits to Yasukuni Shrine

2013-10-19 20:57:00
Prime Minister Abe to represent a sense of Sonsu to those who fell fighting for the "country is related to that told reporters, was postponed a visit to the Yasukuni Shrine, which according to the example festival of autumn in Fukushima Prefecture Minami Soma City It said such "thing of course as a leader, we have suggested the idea of ​​going to explore the opportunity of worship continue.


Strive dispel rumors of the Prime Minister

2013-10-19 18:54:00
The 19th, visited Fukushima Prefecture to visit the reconstruction situation of the Great East Japan Earthquake, in the fishing port of Soma, and tasting seafood that was caught in the waters, Prime Minister Abe is reputational damage caused by the accident of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station I have emphasized the idea that seek to dispel the (wiping).


To simplify the Prime Minister reconstruction land acquisition

2013-10-19 17:18:00
From the fact that it has been pointed out told reporters, the acquisition of land that does not progress not get in touch with such landowners related to the reconstruction projects of the Great East Japan Earthquake in Fukushima Prefecture Minamisoma, local governments land of reconstruction projects is Prime Minister Abe It was revealed the improvement measures to simplify the procedure in acquiring.


Also take advantage of the SDF in Izu Oshima elderly evacuation

2013-10-19 15:47:00
The 19th, we visited the Izu Oshima sediment major disaster occurs in the heavy rain caused by typhoon No. 26, with heavy rain in the future, if such as the elderly is to evacuate, Onodera Minister of Defense, and transport aircraft and vehicles of the Self-Defense Forces we showed the idea to take advantage.


To the Democratic Freedom of Information Act amendment submitted

2013-10-19 05:01:00
Amid the government aim the establishment of a "specific secret protection bill" in the extraordinary Diet session, in order to guarantee specifically the right to know the people, the Democratic Party, a mechanism to determine the court whether valid official documents that the country has a private It has to be submitted to the Diet the amendment of the Freedom of Information Act that incorporates.


To proposals to verify the waste of the Liberal Democratic spending

2013-10-19 04:47:00
In order to gain an understanding of the people in the increase in the consumption tax rate, as there is a need to ensure the reduction of waste of expenditure, work team of the Liberal Democratic Party, unnecessary to the business was included in the budget request for the next fiscal year budget of the country It has to be verified whether there is any thing, put together a proposal to prospect the next month.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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