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Political News(2013/10/21)

Kyoto   Hakone

"Expected to consultation progress" Diet reform

2013-10-21 20:26:00
At a press conference in the afternoon, about Diet reform to review and ways to attend Diet deliberations of Ministers and Prime Minister, adjustment externally of Ministers or "summit diplomacy is important extremely, but Chief Cabinet Secretary so that it serves the national interest and said "I would like you to go by all means reform Na, and showed a sense of anticipation to the development of political consultation.


"Halfway still deflation" Prime Minister

2013-10-21 19:16:00
The House of Representatives Budget Committee, the basic question starts from the 21st, Abe Prime Minister said, "deflation in the halfway still, speaking in golf, now, it has entered the bunker," said the government and the Bank of Japan in cooperation By continuing the monetary easing measures large-scale Te, we have emphasized the determination to aim to break away from deflation.


New conference in three parties towards the enhancement of social security

2013-10-21 17:45:00
As it is necessary for policy responsible for the three parties the Liberal-Democratic-Komei is met in the National Assembly within, to consider the enhancement measures such as nursing care and medical care in accordance with the increase in the consumption tax rate in April next year, the new conference by practitioners was agreed that is provided, to start talks next week.


"Diet reform consultations in all the party," Mr. Ishiba

2013-10-21 16:01:00
At a press conference, to discuss the Diet reform to review and ways to attend Diet deliberations of Ministers and the Prime Minister, also during the week, for all parties, Ishiba secretary general of the Liberal Democratic Party, Secretary-General Secretary-General talks we showed the idea to call for.


"3-axis and the Prime Ministers" Special Zone Advisory Council

2013-10-21 14:05:00
The government, a policy of the bill to create a "national strategy Zone", include the establishment of Advisory Council, chaired by the Prime Minister, at a press conference in the morning, ministers become a member, but Chief Cabinet Secretary Chief Cabinet Secretary, It was revealed that we are working to adjust the axis three people Shindo Minister in charge of the special zone, Amari economic recovery Minister.


"I remove ministerial relationship" in the Prime Minister special zone policy decisions

2013-10-21 12:18:00
Diet, basic question begins with the House of Representatives Budget Committee from the 21st, make a bold regulatory reform for the "National Strategy Zone", Abe Prime Minister, to consider in the direction of ministers is not added to the "decision-making It said the "yl, ministers related to subject areas showed the idea of ​​removing In determining the content of the regulatory reform.


Debate in the House of Representatives Budget Committee and Parliament today

2013-10-21 05:05:00
The basic question is carried out in the House of Representatives Budget Committee from the 21st National Assembly, for a new economic measures with the increase in the consumption tax rate, such as close to the government so that the Democratic Party is devoted to improvement of social security tax increases worth, of the Abe administration It is expected to debate is exchanged and brought this one home and economic policy.


To the discussion of experts meeting public pension fund management tour justified

2013-10-21 04:13:00
In around the reserves of public pension amounting to 160 trillion yen over, in addition to domestic bonds such as government bonds, experts meeting of the government, in operation, including the so-called real estate investment trusts = such as "REIT", also financial instruments higher-risk Whether review, we have to be towards the compilation of the next month, to perform a discussion of nails.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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