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Political News(2013/11/03)

Kyoto   Hakone

Former Prime Minister Koizumi government primary zero policy

2013-11-03 19:56:00
Koizumi former Prime Minister was speaking at Yokohama, the energy policy of the future, I have reiterated the idea Abe administration that we should go move the specific gravity to be natural energy announced a policy of zero nuclear power plant.


Specific secret protection bill tour parties debate

2013-11-03 12:10:00
Although I asked to understand the establishment of the National Assembly now in Sunday debate of NHK, for a particular secret protection bill, as continue to operate security rights and Nakatani Extraordinary deputy secretary general of the Liberal Democratic Party know people is to be compatible In contrast, Oshima Policy Research acting president of the Democratic Party, has shown the idea that we need amendments to the Freedom of Information Act in order to guarantee specifically the right to know.


Rush adjustment of the Liberal Democratic Party Legal Subcommittee Civil Code amendment

2013-11-03 07:19:00
By showing the idea to consider specific measures in order to be around the amendment of the Civil Code to equivalent to "legitimate child" the inheritance of the so-called "children born out of wedlock", to maintain the family system, the Legal Subcommittee of the Liberal Democratic Party, carefully It is going to want to get an understanding of the members of school, we have decided to rush the adjustment aims to acknowledge the mounting of this week.


I summarized bill outline to prevent such death from overwork

2013-11-03 05:59:00
Of the bill was In an attempt to eliminate the overwork suicide and death from overwork, Parliamentarians to make a legislator of the ruling and opposition parties, and the like requiring the development of basic plans within the government, providing the council with experts and bereaved, to prevent a death from overwork I've compiled the framework.


A trust relationship for Security and Cooperation in steady implementation of Russo

2013-11-03 04:44:00
That it was agreed strengthening of cooperation in the field of security at the ministerial consultations of Foreign Affairs and Defense of Russia and Japan, we have to become even checking material to China, which is stepping up activities in the ocean, the Ministry of Defense, a steady We are through the implementation, we want to deepen the relationship of trust between the defense authorities.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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