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Political News(2013/11/08)

Kyoto   Hakone

Governor meeting "Betsuwaku addition" continued demand

2013-11-08 23:14:00
National Governors meeting was held at the Prime Minister's Office, from the governor, who attended, it is opinion asking you to continue in the next fiscal year are plus the local allocation tax to compensate for the shortfall in tax revenue of local governments after the Lehman Shock the "Betsuwaku addition" was one after another.


Departure to India and Iran Foreign Minister

2013-11-08 22:55:00
In addition to visiting Iran and dodge opinion towards an early resolution of the nuclear development issue and Zarifu Foreign Minister and Rouhani president, to attend the Foreign Ministers' Meeting of the ASEM = Asia-Europe meeting to be held in India, Kishida Minister for Foreign Affairs, 8 day and night, I was starting the Narita Airport.


Check a Japan-South Korea closely communicate

2013-11-08 21:14:00
The meeting with Kim Kyuhyun first undersecretary of Korea Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Korea visited, there is history, etc. recognition problem, but Sugiyama, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to cooperation from the point of view big picture, such as problems over North Korea It was confirmed that it will aim to communicate closely at various levels as they should.


National strategy Zone bill deliberations into

2013-11-08 20:37:00
Bill for the establishment conduct and bold deregulation is only a regional "national strategy Zone" is, deliberated into a House of Representatives plenary session of the 8th, Prime Minister Abe to create a friendly environment of most business in the "world It said it was, and "leads to stagnation playback from the Japanese economy, we have emphasized the significance of introducing the special zone.


City National Stadium body does not burden

2013-11-08 17:39:00
Inose governor, country to bear the full amount because it is facility of "National is a matter of course for that the country is seeking to Tokyo, some burden of renovation costs of the National Stadium which is in the main stadium and Paralympic Tokyo Olympics It said "he, has shown once again the idea that does not bear the cost of the body work of the stadium.


To LDP Gillen inauguration medical fees over medical examination

2013-11-08 17:01:00
For 270 people over MPs Liberal Democratic Party has registered to participate, Parliamentary League over the medical problem has been founded, and to improve the medical standards, in the revision of the next fiscal year of medical fees paid to medical institutions, whether it needs to be pulled up It was confirmed that it will consider.


5 Party ruling and opposition parties submitted punishment motion of Mr. Inoki

2013-11-08 16:24:00
In response to that a visit to North Korea remains Antonio Inoki, Member of the House of Councillors of Nihon'ishin'nokai is, without the permission of the National Assembly, as such "thing to disturb the order of the Upper House", 5 party ruling and opposition parties punishment to obtain the strict disposal It is expected to be submitted to the House of Councillors a motion, next week, the disposal will be considered in the Committee on Discipline.


I get there Komei Secretary General Family Registration Law amendment favor

2013-11-08 14:46:00
Inoue secretary general of New Komeito, at a press conference, that the amendment of the Family Registration Law, which requires the disclosure of whether "legitimate child" policy that the Democratic Party to submit to the National Assembly of now, to birth, to favor also possible I showed the idea.


To a specific secret protection bill deliberation time ensure demand

2013-11-08 14:13:00
Seeking the ruling party so that the Diet Affairs Committee Chairman from six opposition parties met, and agreed that "problem specific range of secret and unclear in many cases" and for a particular secret protection bill, and to ensure sufficient deliberation time It was confirmed that to go.


Also the request of the burden on the stadium body Metropolitan

2013-11-08 13:25:00
For renovation cost of the National Stadium which is the main stadium of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic, at a press conference after the cabinet meeting, for Tokyo, in addition to the peripheral maintenance, Shimomura minister, seeking the burden also part of the body work I showed the idea to go.


Emphasized that it is not the expanded scope of specific secret

2013-11-08 12:54:00
To protect the information about the security that need to be concealed in particular "specific secret protection bill", enter the substantive deliberation at a special committee of the House of Representatives, forest declining birthrate Minister in charge of the bill, "specific secret" About, I was stressed and not intended to expand the scope that is specified in secret, such as the National Public Service Act so far.


Apology to North Korea without permission Inoki lawmakers

2013-11-08 12:20:00
I met with Antonio Inoki, Member of the House of Councillors of party affiliation, about a visit to North Korea without any permission of the National Assembly, Matsuno Parliamentarians Chief Secretary et al Nihon'ishin'nokai is, while apologized as "not sorry" is Inoki Mr. also, as it's part of the lawmakers diplomacy, I asked for understanding.


Return of the northern territories movement cognition 50% excess

2013-11-08 04:14:00
who answered and depends on the public opinion survey on the Northern Territories by the Cabinet Office went to "know" the contents of the return movement of the Northern Territories, and "know to some extent", was 50% more than together.


The survival of the United Nations organization for the abduction problem solving

2013-11-08 00:21:00
Council towards the resolution of the abduction issue with North Korea, parliamentarians of the ruling and opposition parties and the government to participate is opened, the Special Committee of the United Nations, which is investigating the human rights violations by North Korea, after the next year, it was the final report It was confirmed also that policy, so that to survive a similar organization to request the United Nations.


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