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Political News(2013/11/21)

Kyoto   Hakone

Enlarge the summit Hungary investment

2013-11-21 19:25:00
Abe Prime Minister, joint and incorporating such that it met with Orban prime minister of Hungary that have visited Japan, and continue to further boost the expansion of Japanese companies expanding investment in Hungary as lead to the economic development of both countries from Japan I've released a statement.


Study the role of prime minister in secret specified

2013-11-21 19:09:00
A special committee of the House of Representatives, forest declining birthrate Minister in charge of the "specific secret protection bill" is played by the Prime Minister in response to the modification consultation with Your Party and the ruling party, the specification of a particular secret to occur properly I showed the idea of ​​going to investigate the role should be.


"Criminal complaint also view" misstatement

2013-11-21 17:41:00
In response to the problem of false display of the menu is a series in hotels and department stores, for but Chief Cabinet Secretary, and may correspond harshly, with a view to criminal prosecution, a member of the Consumer Affairs Committee of the Liberal Democratic Party, prizes It was offered and that you consider strengthening the penalties of notation.


Japan version NSC Tour witness questions

2013-11-21 17:24:00
Performs the witness questions about the bill for establishing the National Security Council which is the playmaker of foreign and security policy, the so-called Japan version of NSC, the Special Committee of the House of Councillors, stressed the need for a new organization from witnesses In addition to opinion that has been issued, concern for a particular secret protection bill was also shown.


30 days toe stop the House of Councillors Mr. Inoki

2013-11-21 17:02:00
And passed unanimously to be the punishment of toe-stop for 30 days Antonio Inoki member of the House of Councilors of Nihon'ishin'nokai who visited North Korea remains without the permission of the National Assembly, the House of Councilors Disciplinary Committee, 22 Hinomoto It is a carry which is determined officially at the meeting.


Can not respond to the passage of the 26th Ishin secret protection bill

2013-11-21 15:57:00
In deputies meetings of the party, Matsuno Parliamentarians secretary general of Nihon'ishin'nokai is not possible to respond to the House of Representatives passed the bill on the 26th of this month as it requires careful deliberation in particular secret protection bill, ruling party is aiming I showed the idea.


It passes through a national strategy Zone bill the House of Representatives

2013-11-21 15:27:00
Passed by a majority in the House of Representatives plenary session of the 21st, the bill for the establishment and make a bold deregulation is only a regional "national strategy Zone" was sent to the House of Councillors.


The improvement of Yu floor clinic in medical fee revision

2013-11-21 15:12:00
To order to open the meeting of the working team on medical care, to improve the business conditions of medical institutions called there are inpatient facility for small and "Yu floor clinic", etc. should be allowance in the revision of medical treatment fees of next year the Liberal Democratic Party I've compiled the idea.


Adjustment towards President Obama visit to Japan

2013-11-21 13:21:00
At a press conference in the morning, about what President Obama of the United States to visit Asia in April next year, but Chief Cabinet Secretary, that you are promoting the adjustment of such schedule and specific American side for Japan visit of President has revealed.


To opinion aggregation tomorrow secret protection bill Restoration

2013-11-21 12:13:00
Tour around the "specific secret protection bill", in response to the fact that it was agreed Modify working-level consultations with the LDP, New Komeito Party, executives have to discuss the correspondence, but Nihon'ishin'nokai is greater from the claims of "original It is now that the criticism that "have receded issued, the 22nd, it is possible to aggregate opinion within the party.


To the next fiscal year budget cost of public works projects suppression

2013-11-21 05:44:00
Given that the private sector members of the Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy, was recommended to the initial budget less than this year, the public works spending in the next fiscal year budget, to introduce private funds, such as the construction of public facilities the government, "PFI It has to be by, for example, take full advantage of the technique of ", we will aim to suppress.


New Komeito or reduced tax rate adjustment difficulties Tour

2013-11-21 05:33:00
Whereas are asked to tour the handling of when to raise the 10% consumption tax rate of "reduced rate", Komeito, decide to introduce a tax reform discussion at the end of the year, the LDP, "holes becomes available to finance" such as dissent has spread as the adjustment of the future will be expected difficulties.


Criticism within the party to fix the Meiji Restoration consultation agreement

2013-11-21 05:02:00
In around the "specific secret protection bill", 20 day and night, Nihon'ishin'nokai and LDP-New Komeito Party, agreed modification working-level consultations, but in the interior of the meeting of the Meiji Restoration, it is apparent from the claims of "original view there is also criticism, such as "have retreated, party proceedings to determine the response to the bill that take time also has come out.


Whereabouts of the electoral system review discussion opaque

2013-11-21 04:29:00
In response to the ruling of the Supreme Court over the disparity in the value of one vote in the House of Representatives election last year, the ruling party, while the perceived "disparity became a challenge over the medium to long term" and spreads, opposition, "drastic has been a "no change to the need for such review, the whereabouts of the debate over the review of the electoral system is an opaque situation.


Study enhancement 10 vessels about the Ministry of Defense escort

2013-11-21 04:00:00
In the review of the "National Defense Program Outline" to guide the improvement of defense capabilities, while based and activation of marine advance of China, to increase 10 ships about 48 vessels of the Charter of the current, the destroyers, the Ministry of Defense, tanks We have documented proposal to cut, stop the deployment to Honshu, to aggregate in Hokkaido and Kyushu.


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