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Political News(2013/11/30)

Kyoto   Hakone

US Aviation Administration is "not planning submission guidance"

2013-11-30 18:26:00
where the United States Department of State, in response to that announced the discourse of "should follow in aviation information foreign governments to announce" brought this one home for the setting of the air defense identification zone of China, Ministry of Foreign Affairs inquiry to the United States government, the Federal Aviation Administration It is that answered "do not have guidance to submit flight plan = flight plan to the Chinese authorities."


To the new early warning aircraft introduced for monitoring enhanced

2013-11-30 18:06:00
Amid China to set the air defense identification zone to a wide range of East China Sea, in order to strengthen the vigilance and monitoring posture of the southwest region, including Okinawa Prefecture, the Ministry of Defense to introduce an early warning aircraft of the new model to monitor the airspace of a wider range I we have been adjusted in the direction that is put into the new "National Defense Program Outline", the policy.


The history textbooks jointly countries Japan and South Korea Gillen 3

2013-11-30 17:18:00
Parliamentarians to make a legislator of Japan and South Korea in the closing ceremony of the Joint General Assembly, Joint by the three countries that "Japan and South Korea ought to build a future-oriented relationship to face up to history" as, China was also added , today announced a joint statement that was to be such as to work towards the realization of the history textbooks.


I ask withdraw cooperation with Ishiba Chief Secretary Rice

2013-11-30 14:41:00
Ishiba LDP Secretary General to speak at Hiroshima, did on strongly criticized the fact that China has set the air defense identification zone to a wide range of East China Sea, and a request to the Chinese side the immediate withdrawal of the measures of all the United States in cooperation with I showed the idea go.


Political funding earnings online application is 0.7%

2013-11-30 12:42:00
I've found that the system of online application of the government's report on political funds that have been prompted political organization of lawmakers seek to use the law has not been used only 0.7% of the organizations involved in the parliamentarians .


No situation of China Defense Minister machine approach

2013-11-30 09:55:00
Told reporters, about what was announced China, and was scrambled = scramble fighters to SDF machine entered the air defense identification zone by itself has set, Onodera Minister of Defense, situation in which the fighters of China approaching has shown recognition did on that it was not, both that they should respond calmly.


Study meeting at the Liberal Revenge porn measures

2013-11-30 07:44:00
Harassment to flow out on the Internet, such as image private partner took Attached, for so-called "revenge porn", LDP, study session to consider measures to put a view to the new legislation, to eliminate the damage it was decided to close, to launch, the.


Mr. Eda is strengthened concerns study sessions inauguration party split

2013-11-30 07:12:00
The Your Party, for that create a study group with such members of Nihon'ishin'nokai and Democratic Party, Watanabe representatives, have harshly criticized's movement that leads to new party formed, Eda before secretary general is, within the party, concern that could develop into a situation of party split has been growing.


Also challenge the government's report on political funds net public

2013-11-30 06:29:00
Last year's worth of describing the balance of political activities such as parliamentarians "political fund balance report" has been published throughout the country up to 30 days. While the prefectures of 17 to publish on the Internet the balance of payments report, challenge record does not remain data is erased has come out.


The appeal to domestic and international sovereignty and territory in HP dedicated

2013-11-30 05:57:00
Amid China to set the air defense identification zone to a wide range of East China Sea, in order to appeal to the inside and outside of the country claims of Japan's sovereignty and territory, also next month, the government, its own home page that focus on themes to sovereignty and territorial It is now be provided.


The adjustment in the ¥ 10,000 paid one child in middle-income

2013-11-30 05:16:00
The government, as part of the economic measures with the increase in the consumption tax rate, among the households receiving any child allowance, intended for household income layer of the intermediate, per child, in the direction to be paid the 10,000 yen I went into the adjustment.


Was not seen movement in China machine at the Ministry of Defense air defense identification zone

2013-11-30 04:53:00
For that China, announced that it had to scramble = scramble fighters to SDF machine entered the air defense identification zone by itself has set, the Ministry of Defense, so far, fighters of China, such as approaching We are that you are going to not seen movement, in the future, it will continue to watch the movement of the Chinese side.


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