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Political News(2013/12/18)

Kyoto γ€€ Hakone

Referendum amendment is raised to 18 years old to 4 years after enforcement

2013-12-18 20:43:00
Constitutional amendment Promotion Division of the Liberal Democratic Party, to approve the amendment was at the meeting of the 18th, and brought this one home for the National Referendum Law, which stipulates the procedure of constitutional amendment, and such as lowering the age of 18 more than four years after the enforcement of the voting age , I have confirmed the policy, which aims to satisfied in the ordinary Diet session next year.


The corresponding study of Prime Minister Governor problem

2013-12-18 19:26:00
In around the problem that has received 50 million yen from "Tokushukai" group, INOSE Governor of Tokyo Metropolitan Government, met with Hagiuda-President Special Assistant to the Liberal Democratic Party, Abe Prime Minister, while watching the trends of INOSE governor, was instructed to examine the correspondence of the future as a party.


Eda representative opposition rally mission

2013-12-18 18:43:00
At a press conference after the inaugural meeting of the party, Eda new representative of the "Party of Yui" The mission of the first of the party "Yui" is that by bringing together the "opposition, to create a major force that can place the Liberal Democratic Party It said "he, we emphasized the determination to include opposition committed to restructuring.


Adjust in Japan and South Korea Deputy Foreign Minister dialogue early next year or later

2013-12-18 18:03:00
And met with Assistant Secretary of the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs that visited Japan, Saiki, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the adjustment in the direction to do in the beginning of the year and later, the strategic dialogue with Deputy Foreign Minister of South Korea the day you have not been carried out since January this year it was decided to proceed with.


Disseminating information about strengthening the Liberal Democratic territory

2013-12-18 17:05:00
In order to enhance the dissemination of information abroad about the sovereignty and territory of Japan, Extraordinary Commission on the territory of the Liberal Democratic Party, has submitted to Prime Minister Abe recommendations to seek and to ensure the necessary expenses in the next fiscal year budget.


Cooperation with the Meiji Restoration in the Prime Minister constitutional amendment

2013-12-18 16:41:00
The talks at the Prime Minister's Office Ishihara and co-representative of Nihon'ishin'nokai, Prime Minister Abe has shown the idea of ​​the constitutional amendment, aiming to achieve in cooperation with the parties listed amendments, such as meeting of the Meiji Restoration.


Installation decision of Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Article 100 Committee

2013-12-18 16:19:00
Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly has decided to set up the Article 100 committee to investigate issues that INOSE governor has received a 50 million yen from "Tokushukai" group. That basis, it was decided to request the INOSE governor to open on the 20th extraordinary Congress to establish a committee.


Formal decision to Your Party Eda Mr. expulsion

2013-12-18 14:14:00
Your Party to open the board of directors, filed a notice of defection, the 18th, for Eda-before Chief Secretary to establish a "party of Yui" new political party, "new party formed a grave anti-party activities" as, as disposal I decided officially to be the heaviest expulsion.


Liberal Democrats seek medical fee hike

2013-12-18 13:38:00
Takaichi Parliamentary investigation chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party met with but Chief Cabinet Secretary, offer to raise medical fees paid to medical institutions, I said "It's a decision that does not catch even one step as a party," told reporters.


Shindo affairs phase visited Izu Oshima

2013-12-18 12:59:00
Shindo Minister visited Izu Oshima was severely damaged by landslides large, including the life support of the "victims, so that does not interfere with, such as processing of rubble and reconstruction of the future, we continue to support firmly I mentioned a pair ".


Subsidies to companies that priority was prime minister pay increase

2013-12-18 12:24:00
The 18th, after you have visited the factory town of plating in Tokyo, told reporters, in order to support small and medium-sized companies doing manufacturing innovative, Prime Minister Abe is a subsidy to incorporate the supplementary budget for this fiscal year , we showed the idea to be paid on a priority basis to companies that raised the wages.


Efforts to be accepted Prime Minister Henoko

2013-12-18 12:00:00
Told reporters, for landfill application of Nago Henoko required relocation of American military Futenma in Okinawa Prefecture, it said that it "should not unless we stacked the effort as you'll accept", Okinawa Prefecture demanded Prime Minister Abe I have emphasized the idea that its best efforts to reduce the burden of American military bases and ensure the promotion budget is.


Mr. Takamura Inose governor decision to resign early

2013-12-18 11:35:00
Told reporters, for INOSE governor of Tokyo has received a 50 million yen from "Tokushukai" group, Takamura vice president of the Liberal Democratic Party said, "The decision is delayed, go by the board also achievements of Olympic bid" or , I showed the idea that we should decide to resign early.


To restructuring the corporation 87 independent administrative institution

2013-12-18 04:37:00
Basic policy proposals of reform that was addition to reorganized into 87 independent administrative corporation there are 100 currently, Administrative Reform Promotion Committee of the government and so on providing a special case that able to pay high salaries to researchers to subject the corporation to perform the research and development of world-class I've summarized.


To hike proposal of the Liberal Democratic medical fee

2013-12-18 04:15:00
In around the revision of medical treatment fees of FY2014 next fiscal year Heisei, the 18th, the government, "to take advantage of the increased revenue due to increase in the consumption tax rate, should be a sufficient amount of money" as the Liberal Democratic Party of medical fees It has decided to lodge a hike.


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