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Political News(2013/12/22)

Kyoto   Hakone

Also government cooperation by Minna Watanabe Mr. policy

2013-12-22 19:20:00
Did on criticized again the party of binding physician that at a meeting of the party held in Sendai, and aim at bringing together of the opposition, Watanabe representative of Your Party is, to achieve the policy beyond the boundaries of the opposition and "ruling It said it would "go, we showed the idea that there may be able to cooperate with the Abe administration and direction of party policy If there is a match.


Also report next spring of the right of collective self-defense

2013-12-22 12:47:00
In Sunday discussion of NHK, about when meeting is compiling the Report, Kitaoka Shinichi International University Rector chaired agency with experts meeting of the government over the exercise of collective self-defense rights, established in the National Assembly next year's budget as early as It showed that the outlook in the spring around next year immediately after.


The Feasibility Study all reduce the burden of Okinawa

2013-12-22 11:23:00
Did on a Sunday discussion of NHK, that there is a need in relation to the reduction of the base burden on Okinawa, to achieve the relocation of American military Futenma base, Kishida Minister of Foreign Affairs and "must consider all the possibilities" It stated, we showed the idea to consider so that it can meet as much as possible to the needs of Okinawa side.


Base return ahead of schedule discussed shortening of paperwork

2013-12-22 07:46:00
In such that Given that Nakaima governor of Okinawa Prefecture are seeking operation stop within five years of the United States military Futenma base, to reduce the work of the administrative procedures of the Japanese side for the return period of the base, or can not be ahead of schedule Ministry of Defense , we have to be considered.


Information sharing talks between Japan and France defense sector

2013-12-22 05:33:00
Next month, will be the first between France and Japan, ministerial consultation of foreign affairs and defense is held in Paris, in order to share the information on the export of equipment that might be diverted to the military field, the Japanese side office You are going to want to agreed to begin talks level.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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