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Political News(2014/01/31)

Kyoto   Hakone

Presenting the cases people 26 people 11 government agencies

2014-01-31 23:42:00
For both houses of the Diet, the government has presented the cases of people 26 people 11 institutions required, such as personnel officer of the National Personnel Authority, the consent of the National Assembly.


Consultation, including Japan and Russia Secretary territorial dispute

2014-01-31 21:39:00
In terms of the 31st, consultation of Deputy Foreign Minister class of Russia and Japan, held in Tokyo, to tour the Northern Territories issue, it was confirmed that the Japanese side, the four islands and belong to Japan, even after being explained the policy to advance the peace treaty negotiations In contrast, you will see the Russian side, as that repeated claims of the prior art as a result of World War II, and became the territory of Russia.


"Non-disclosure of the nuclear secret agreement mistake" Prime Minister

2014-01-31 19:23:00
Basic question begins with the House of Representatives Budget Committee from the 31st, Abe Prime Minister, in relation to a secret treaty issues in Japan and the United States over the nuclear bring, Diet, "I came to not shown to the public was a mistake" as well as stating that, we have to clear the idea that summarize the views of the government.


The reduction of the send-off from April pensioners union

2014-01-31 14:24:00
For that organization to make a pensioner is a press conference, payments of pension is pulled down from April this year, Prime Minister Abe to assert raise the "consumption tax rate, the lower the payments of pensions, of" economic I was asked to as "contrary to the virtuous circle" forego.


Okinawa Prefecture rice "Futenma early operational stop"

2014-01-31 14:01:00
I was asked to meet with the person in charge of the United States government executives Okinawa Prefecture visited Washington, United States About military Futenma base, and ahead of plan that the governments of Japan and the United States have agreed to stop the operation at an early stage.


And to start to consider also tax reform next month

2014-01-31 12:46:00
Basic question begins with the House of Representatives Budget Committee from the 31st, the Prime Minister Abe, for tax reform, including a reduction in the effective tax rate of corporate tax, the National Assembly, the idea to start a study in the Tax Commission of the government next month showed.


The concern to Chief Cabinet Secretary comfort women exhibition

2014-01-31 11:48:00
At a press conference after the cabinet meeting, but Chief Cabinet Secretary and the promotion of cultural exchanges "international About You have opened the exhibition by the Korean government has been the theme of the so-called comfort women at the International Comics Festival, which is held in France The stated intent of the cartoon festival is largely impaired, "we expressed concern.


To cut from April pension payments

2014-01-31 11:13:00
For payments of pension from April this year, in order to review the payment level that is higher than the original in special measures in the past, national pension, welfare pension, and cut together, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is 64,400 per month in the full amount of the national pension It was announced to become a circle.


Efforts towards the restoration Yamadasen normal in the earthquake

2014-01-31 10:35:00
Have been suspended even now by damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake in Iwate Prefecture coast for "JR Yamadasen", at a press conference after the cabinet meeting, Ota Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport was towards the restoration between the local government and JR East has shown the idea that you want to work even as the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport as the adjustment proceeds.


Japan and the United States to the first meeting in cyber attacks

2014-01-31 04:54:00
In order to deal jointly to cyber attacks targeting and defense secrets, next week, if you are promoting the adjustment in the direction you want to open in Tokyo first meeting of the Working Group by the defense authorities of both countries, The Governments of Japan and the United States, to improve the ability to cope We decided to discuss such measures.


Deliberations of the Diet containing supplementary budget

2014-01-31 04:47:00
Enters the deliberation of supplementary budget for this fiscal year in the House of Representatives Budget Committee from the 31st, recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake and tax reform, it can be around the, such as efforts to fiscal consolidation, the National Assembly, the debate in earnest between the ruling and opposition parties begins.


Council chairman retired successor Mr. Anzai

2014-01-31 04:16:00
Will have to retire the committee 31 dated from such that business as Japan Chamber of Commerce is busy, Mimura, chairman of the Central Council for Education = Central Education Council, is Yuichiro Anzai Mr. Keio University before Jukucho the chairman of the successor It is expected to be appointed.


Nukaga Mr. corporation tax over the medium to long term challenges

2014-01-31 00:01:00
In terms of meeting of faction, it was verified the effect a reduction in the effective tax rate of corporate tax, such as whether the lead to foray into Japan of foreign companies, Nukaga former finance minister, who is a small chairman of the LDP Research Commission on the Tax System is the medium and long term I showed the idea should be discussed as challenges.


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