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Political News(2014/02/14)

Kyoto   Hakone

Also reflected in the right of self-defense guidelines review

2014-02-14 21:24:00
The meeting in the National Assembly within the Ishiba secretary general of the Liberal Democratic Party, Prime Minister Abe is, reflects guidelines Japan-US defense cooperation to be carried out by the end of this year, the debate about the exercise tolerance of the right to collective self-defense, a review of the so-called guidelines It was confirmed that in mind, allowing also to advance the discussions of the government and the ruling party.


The new parliamentary group formed in the upper house of the party Yui

2014-02-14 20:44:00
It recognized the departure from the parliamentary group of the House of Councilors of proportional representation election who participated in the party of Yui, in response to this, Your Party, has formed a new parliamentary group in the Upper House Party Yui.


The Congress not agree to the request for resignation of Mayor Hashimoto

2014-02-14 18:53:00
For resignation in writing that Hashimoto mayor of Osaka has submitted for the purpose of promotion of "Osaka and Concept", the 14th, the City Council conducted a vote in the plenary session, for such as the Liberal Democratic Party and New Komeito did not consent, it became a disagreement. But in the provisions of the law, Hashimoto mayor resigned in late this month, dates as expected the mayor election has been decided already, I will be done next month.


To Hyakujoi installation Okinawa "base relocation"

2014-02-14 18:41:00
Tour of the relocation issue of American military Futenma base, at a regular parliament was opening the 14th, as there is a need to investigate in detail the prehistory that Nakaima governor has approved the landfill, with the right to conduct an investigation based on the law Okinawa Prefectural Assembly "Article 100 Committee I was passed by a majority vote of the opposition side of the installation. "


Note that generally support compensation mechanism amendment

2014-02-14 16:31:00
In order to accelerate the reconstruction and recovery from the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, to review the organization country has invested in "nuclear damage compensation support mechanism", the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, perform and monitoring of contaminated water and measures decommissioning The summary of the amendment to make, the 14th, it was approved largely from the Liberal Democratic Party.


An answer based on the role of the Cabinet Legislation Bureau

2014-02-14 16:20:00
At a press conference, Inoue, secretary general of the New Komeito from suffering. Referee that I have a responsibility to answer the "government is not the Cabinet Legislation Bureau Secretary Abe Prime Minister in relation to the exercise acceptance of the right of collective self-defense in the Diet about what he said, such as, "we ask you based on a role of the Cabinet Legislation Bureau has played, to answer politely.


Parliament agreed and nuclear Chairman Human Resources

2014-02-14 16:01:00
In this meeting of both houses of the 14th, the personnel of 11 organizations and 26 people, including a Commissioner of the National Personnel Authority and chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, none was agreed.


Cabinet approved the national pension amendment to the pension payment rate improvement

2014-02-14 14:41:00
Order to increase the pay rate of the national pension premiums, the government determines the Cabinet meeting of the 14th draft amendments such as National Pension Act that incorporates such as continuation of the system of pay retroactively to past premiums have become unpaid were.


Prime Minister social security system reform to move forward steadily

2014-02-14 13:52:00
First meeting of the government of the "reform of the social security system Promotion Headquarters" is opened, it is said, "and steadily the reform as a playmaker this headquarters, I want to regain peace of mind of living", and relevant ministries will work together to Prime Minister Abe I was instructed to go steady progress in reform of the social security system while.


Economic recovery phase TPP is a gap elimination of Japan and the United States

2014-02-14 13:34:00
At a press conference after the cabinet meeting, in relation to the United States visit from the 15th, towards the early conclusion of the TPP negotiations, Amari economic recovery Minister in charge of the TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, agricultural products such as wheat and rice has shown the idea that want to fill the gap of opinion between Japan and the United States over the handling of the tariff of five items.


Promotion Council established in Okinawa burden

2014-02-14 12:37:00
Established the Council by the Governor of Okinawa Prefecture and colleagues ministers for Onodera defense ministers and Kan Chief Cabinet Secretary is met, it is related to the relocation plan of the United States military Futenma base, to go steady progress in mitigation of the base burden, next week It was decided to open the first meeting also.


Parliamentary Secretary announced the dispatch of Takeshima Day Cabinet Office

2014-02-14 11:45:00
At a press conference after the cabinet meeting, the ceremony such as Shimane Prefecture opened in Matsue on the 22nd of this month of "Takeshima Day", following the last year, Yamamoto Okinawa northern Minister in charge of the territorial problem, political affairs of the Cabinet Office has announced that it will dispatch the cans.


Understanding on Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Education Committee phase plan amendment proposal

2014-02-14 11:29:00
In after requesting to after told reporters of the Cabinet, for the proposed revision of the education committee system that studying is the Liberal Democratic Party, and showed understanding "direction of a large extent can be shared," said Shimomura Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Minister, Parliament now we showed expectations that towards the revision of the law in the consultation of the ruling proceeds.


Board of Education to the Liberal Democratic reform proposals summarized ruling party consultation

2014-02-14 07:38:00
In around the review of the education committee system, studying concrete on the basis of the revised draft was head of the local government, etc. appointed by providing a new post who also serve as superintendent of schools and education committee chairman, Liberal Democratic Party, as the party in terms summarizes the final draft of, we have decided to enter into discussions with the New Komeito.


To specific measures considered in active support of women

2014-02-14 05:47:00
In order to boost women's participation in society, government, rush to consider concrete measures to incorporate the growth strategy of the new economy that launched the study team members the person in charge of the relevant ministries, to develop the prospect in June this year I make it.


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