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Political News(2014/03/08)

Kyoto   Hakone

Blessing on the phone the Prime Minister Kano gold medal athlete

2014-03-08 23:54:00
8 day and night, in the class gliding sitting of the Alpine Skiing Men's Downhill of the Sochi Paralympic Games, to make a phone call to Kano Akira player who won the gold medal, Prime Minister Abe was blessed to be "giving me the courage and excitement to the Japanese" .


Should not be Kan primary re-operation

2014-03-08 22:48:00
Before to become three years shortly after the Great East Japan Earthquake, an accident of "TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, in the worst case, but former Prime Minister of the Democratic Party is 250 km distance from the primary to speak at Sapporo It pointed out that "there is a risk of contamination, we showed the idea that government should not go ahead to re-operation of nuclear power plant.


Defense Minister arms export ban case clarification

2014-03-08 20:53:00
Told reporters, In formulating a new principle to replace the so-called "arms export three principles", Onodera Minister of Defense, to properly transfer to a third country and the clarification of the case to ban the export Miyagi Higashimatsushima we showed the idea mechanism to manage that important.


Prime Minister "committed to reconstruction" Fukushima visit

2014-03-08 20:01:00
In terms of before from celebrating three years shortly after the Great East Japan Earthquake, the 8th, was to be "can feel that the reconstruction began to move forward in Fukushima" visited Fukushima Prefecture, Abe Prime Minister Singh continues I showed the idea cite committed to recovery from the disaster.


It should not rush Mr. Kaieda right of collective self-defense conclusion

2014-03-08 19:41:00
The Kaieda representative of the Democratic Party, told reporters, opinion requesting that Prime Minister Abe has shown a willingness, on the exercise tolerance of the right to collective self-defense by changing the interpretation of the Constitution and re-also discussed within the LDP comes out in Fukui Prefecture Sabae folding, the government has shown to the idea should not jump to conclusions.


Russia to dispatch the Prime Minister National Security Director

2014-03-08 18:24:00
In Fukushima Prefecture, Tamura City, told reporters, sent to Russia Taniuchi Director of the National Security Agency is close to around the Ukraine situation, Prime Minister Abe is the idea that convey Japan's position that the need for peaceful resolution has revealed.


The effort to Komei representative reconstruction funding

2014-03-08 16:23:00
The meeting with Murai governor of Miyagi Prefecture, Sendai, so that sufficient reconstruction funding is secured even after the intensive reconstruction period of the Great East Japan Earthquake has been completed at 27 fiscal year, Yamaguchi representative of New Komeito, convey the idea that effort as a party directly below.


Discussion and support staff of the Minister of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications Ishinomaki dispatch

2014-03-08 14:57:00
and round-table with the support staff that have been dispatched from local governments nationwide for Shindo Minister visited the Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, and corresponds to the reconstruction of the Great East Japan Earthquake, such as the current situation has not progressed reconstruction of public facilities as expected due to lack of construction materials I have received reports of.


The visit Fukushima Abe disaster Public Housing

2014-03-08 12:28:00
In front of the welcome three years shortly after the Great East Japan Earthquake, Prime Minister Abe has visited the disaster public housing of victims who visited the Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, construction progresses towards the tenants start.


Or policy compiled next month after Yui and Restoration

2014-03-08 07:48:00
The party of Yui and Nihon'ishin'nokai, we are want to put together a basic policy by the end of this month with the aim of merging, but the time to the consolidation of opinions of all the party each important issues such as energy policy and exercise acceptance of the right of collective self-defense from that suffering is, it is compiled delayed until next month or later will also be expected.


Temperature difference corresponding to Ukraine tour Japan-US

2014-03-08 05:40:00
In telephone conversation with President Obama of the United States that has been done around the Ukraine situation, not shown a clear support for the sanctions against Russia, Prime Minister Abe is, want to avoid deteriorating relations with Russia towards the resolution of the Northern Territories issue We are not suggesting and Japan, the temperature difference with the United States.


Match in cooperation toward resolving the situation Ukraine

2014-03-08 04:47:00
7 day and night, Prime Minister Abe was matched by one of the Baltic States, met with the President of Estonia Irubesu, we will work together towards a peaceful resolution of the Ukraine situation tense.


Quarrel intense remark Tour "watchdog of government"

2014-03-08 00:16:00
It brought this one home that members of another Communist Party has pointed out, such as "watchdogs of the Abe administration" Komatsu said during a question about the right of collective self-defense, Daimon member of the House of Councilors of the Communist Party and Komatsu Cabinet Legislation Bureau Secretary, corridor of Parliament within at It was a violent quarrel.


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