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Political News(2014/03/09)

Kyoto   Hakone

4 people Osaka mayoral election notice is candidacy

2014-03-09 18:45:00
Osaka mayoral election with that Hashimoto former mayor resigned and brought this one home for the "Osaka and initiative" is notice to the 9th, and went into the election campaign towards the polling day of the 23rd of this month four people in the running.


"Issuing a decontamination policy of ponds" reconstruction phase

2014-03-09 12:23:00
Of NHK in the "Sunday debate", root reconstruction minister for that from the soil at the bottom of reservoirs and dams for agriculture in Fukushima Prefecture, radioactive material exceeds the reference to handle the responsibility of the country of the "designated waste" is detected , I showed the idea to proceed the decontamination shows the new policy as a government.


3 people Osaka mayoral election notice is candidacy

2014-03-09 12:14:00
Osaka mayoral election due to be brought this one home for the "Osaka and Concept", Hashimoto former mayor resigned is notice to the 9th, three people finished the notification of candidacy so far, election towards the polling day of the 23rd month I went into the war.


To launch the Liberal Democrats Fuji conservation Parliamentary League

2014-03-09 05:54:00
To be launched near the Parliamentary League to consider the environmental protection measures of Mount Fuji, which is registered as a World Cultural Heritage, Member of Parliament of the volunteers of the Liberal Democratic Party, to discuss, such as the nature of Iriyama regulation of climbers and measures to increase of garbage became.


Intention of disaster public housing land acquisition

2014-03-09 05:13:00
Towards the development of disaster public housing for the people who visited the Fukushima Prefecture before to become three years shortly after the Great East Japan Earthquake, have been forced to shelter in the nuclear accident, Prime Minister Abe is the end of this month I showed the idea that you want to add a prospect to ensure the land of 5000 units worth to.


Scheme in the collection remains acceleration of the Liberal Democratic Party Veterans

2014-03-09 04:10:00
Liberal Democratic Party has put together a draft of the action plan that was during the war, in order to accelerate the recovery of the remains of the dead soldiers who died in the domestic and overseas, it is determined to be the commitment period intensive 10 years, and such as to strengthen the measures.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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