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Political News(2014/03/17)

Kyoto   Hakone

The proposed vote of the 20th House of Councillors Budget Committee

2014-03-17 21:03:00
In Council meeting of the Upper House Budget Committee, while proposed for the new year - 2014 fiscal budget, the ruling side and want to vote with the question of the conclusion to the 20th week, opposition required to make a further consideration , it was decided to continue consultations.


I ask sales expand the scope of the test drug

2014-03-17 20:07:00
As should be the people to be able to check the health on a daily basis their own, such as pregnancy test, regulatory reform conference of government regulation of the test agent of medical sales in pharmacies is not only observed Currently, three kinds We have documented opinion asking you to relax, and to increase the kind that can be sold.


Chief Cabinet Secretary President Park welcome remarks

2014-03-17 19:44:00
About things in the Upper House Cabinet Committee, to evaluate the remarks of Prime Minister Abe to be that there is no idea of ​​Park Kune President of South Korea, review the Kono Chief Cabinet Secretary discourse over the issue of so-called comfort women, but Chief Cabinet Secretary, " in helping, "he said want to welcome, we showed you expect the realization of the summit.


Check the risk removal promotion of Futenma base

2014-03-17 18:18:00
Discuss the burden measures of the United States military base in Okinawa, the first meeting of the Working Group of Okinawa Prefecture and the government is opened, and the like to be transferred to the other prefectures the training of new transport aircraft, the Osprey has been assigned to the Futenma base, risk It was confirmed that it will promote the removal of.


The high school students encouragement of argument to the Prime Minister Northern Territories theme

2014-03-17 16:29:00
In the Prime Minister's Office, received a courtesy call of 2 high school students of Hokkaido prize in the speech contest on the theme of the Northern Territories, Prime Minister Abe of the two countries that you get with the idea that was firmly in the territorial dispute to the young "everyone I was encouraged, "he very meaningful in terms of relationship development.


Komei Komatsu bureau Secretary an answer carefully

2014-03-17 15:51:00
Council by executives of government and the ruling party, to the behavior of the series over and the right to collective self-defense of Komatsu Cabinet Legislation Bureau Secretary, Inoue, secretary general of New Komeito, "I want you to answer for the sake of also carefully on top of the carefully" I put an order to the government side.


Best ruling party confirmed the abduction problem solving

2014-03-17 15:02:00
Government and the ruling parties to open the council by executive, in response to the parents of Megumi Yokota of abductees, that Eun Kyung's grandson has met for the first time the daughter of Megumi, the resolution of the abduction issue will continue as the government and the ruling party It was confirmed that to tackle with full force.


Without Chief Cabinet Secretary Crimean referendum approval

2014-03-17 12:34:00
At a press conference in the morning, did on for referendum asking was held in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in Ukraine, the pros and cons of transfer to Russia, rather than a legal effect, it is not approved as the Japanese government, but Chief Cabinet Secretary Russia contrast, we showed the idea of ​​going to a strong demand so that it does not Fumidasa the annexation of the Crimea.


"I think that is hot in the chest" Yokota and his wife met Prime Minister

2014-03-17 11:08:00
Told reporters, and the parents of Megumi Yokota of abductees by North Korea, for meeting with Eun Kyung's grandson, Prime Minister Abe's thoughts become hot in the "very breast daughter of Megumi in the Prime Minister's official residence. in helping, "he said was really good to be able to achieve, we have reiterated their determination to tackle with full force in the resolution of the abduction issue.


"Right of collective self-defense exercise" New Komeito party is to debate

2014-03-17 05:11:00
The new fiscal year (for 2014 fiscal year) budget, we are ruling party and want to passed-established in the 20th week, in response to this, and staring the budget after establishment, this week, the Liberal Democratic Party-New Komeito two parties, in the future We decided to start the party debate over the acceptable exercise of the right of collective self-defense, which is the focus.


National certification examination to the improvement of the Liberal Democratic Party decontamination technology

2014-03-17 04:14:00
In an attempt to improve the skills and expertise of workers involved in the decommissioning and decontamination which has become the challenge after the accident of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, the Liberal Democratic Party, legislation to provide a new national qualification I am considering.


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