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Political News(2014/04/03)

Kyoto   Hakone

Opinion aggregation of New Komeito Basic Energy Plan

2014-04-03 22:01:00
Numerical goals for the spread of renewable energy, work team of the ruling party, which has been discussion of the country a new "Basic Energy Plan" is in reference to "approximately 20% of the amount of power generated by all of 2030" that agree that you raised, to incorporate the phrase "aim to levels in excess of this further", and ended the opinion aggregation.


And consider criminal charges in the Democratic vocational training commission

2014-04-03 21:23:00
At a press conference, in order to elucidate the problem procedures of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in determining the contractors of vocational training business was inappropriate, Ohata secretary general of the Democratic Party, considered to be criminal charges against officials this month was it clear that you are.


10% priority towns and villages Mr. consumption tax

2014-04-03 19:06:00
In terms of meeting of faction, it was pointed out that a reduction in the effective tax rate of corporation tax Government Tax Commission are discussing that's challenge over the medium to long term, towns and villages former Chief Cabinet Secretary, who is the adviser of the LDP Research Commission on the Tax System Toward the end of the year we showed the idea that we should tackle in preference to hike to 10% of the consumption tax rate Te.


Opinion that multiple legislators seek representative resignation Minna

2014-04-03 16:03:00
Open the meeting in the Diet in by around the problem Watanabe representative had borrowed 800 million yen together from the chairman of the cosmetics company, from members of multiple, Your Party is, such as "Do not fight the local elections next year in this state" as, to seek the opinion representative resignation of Mr. Watanabe has been issued.


The resolution statement submitted to the Prime Minister to investigate whaling

2014-04-03 15:44:00
For research whaling that Japan is doing in the Antarctic Ocean, the 3rd, lawmakers of the Liberal Democratic Party that receives that it has issued a ruling ordering the cessation of whaling in the process of the remains now is the International Court of Justice, to promote whaling Abe I was handed a resolution statement asking you met with the Prime Minister, to examine the response as soon as possible towards the resumption of whaling.


Ruling and opposition parties agreed national Referendum Law amendment

2014-04-03 15:19:00
8 Party ruling and opposition parties such as the Democratic Party and the Liberal Democratic Party, agreed formally, such as that you brought this one home for the National Referendum Law, which stipulates the procedure of constitutional amendment, to lower the age of 18 or more voting age to 4 years after the implementation of the revised law. Any amendment of the referendum law, it is submitted jointly to the House of Representatives on the 8th next week, likely to be passed in the National Assembly now has become big deliberation goes according smoothly.


Forced Mr. Koga, limited exercise tolerance

2014-04-03 14:51:00
Takamura Vice President of the Liberal Democratic Party met with Koga Makoto-moto LDP Secretary-General, et al have been a cautious remark to exercise acceptance of the right of collective self-defense, to convey the idea limited to the related case directly to the security of Japan exercise tolerance Whereas the required understanding, I showed the idea that Mr. Koga also unavoidable exercise tolerate limited.


Rebellion avoid lobbying by nuclear agreement

2014-04-03 13:21:00
At a press conference, for lawmakers to repel the policy of the party that want to agree to approve the draft nuclear agreement with, such as Turkey, Matsubara Diet affairs chief of the Democratic Party support of abstention or opposition in a vote of the House of Representatives plenary session of the 4th we showed the idea to continue lobbying so that it does not take.


Starting point to the Ministry of Defense international joint development participation

2014-04-03 11:08:00
Under you are promoting compiled a new strategy to replace the basic policy of the prior art was to promote domestic production of defense equipment, the Cabinet decision on the 1st of the "defense equipment relocation Three Principles", the Ministry of Defense, a government-led It was put together was such as to promote and to participate in international joint development actively, the starting point.


Welcome the three principles of arms exports reviewing State Department Japan

2014-04-03 07:05:00
For that the government is reviewing the "arms export three principles", the United States Department of State has shown its intention to welcome "Procedure for the defense industry in Japan and the United States to cooperate is simplified" as.


And adjustment Komei without waiting for the right of collective self-defense prime minister report

2014-04-03 04:40:00
Upward shown outlook 2 day and night, Prime Minister Abe met with Ishiba secretary general from the LDP, brought this one home for the exercise tolerance of the right to collective self-defense, the submission of the report of the experts meeting of the government that increased in size Renkyuake at, was instructed to enter the adjustment of the New Komeito without waiting for the report. In addition, Prime Minister Abe told the idea that there is no change in attitude to aim the establishment of the fundamental law on national security that the Liberal Democratic Party has pledged.


Encourage democratic executive nuclear agreement approved draft vote

2014-04-03 04:22:00
Within the DPJ to Some lawmakers repel the policy of the party that want to agree to approve the draft nuclear agreement with, such as Turkey, executive unit, so that it does not take a correspondence of abstention or opposition in a vote of the House of Representatives plenary session of the 4th We decided to continue to encourage.


Cooperation to the United Nations General Assembly President international problem solving and Prime Minister

2014-04-03 00:17:00
matches the by Prime Minister Abe held talks with Prime Minister's Office and Ash Chair of the UN General Assembly, towards the solution of various problems of the international community such as the problem of climate change, it will continue to support the United Nations and Japan is working closely were.


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