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Political News(2014/05/06)

Kyoto   Hakone

Thinking of contributing to peace Abe's international community

2014-05-06 21:39:00
In Paris, Prime Minister Abe of his tour in Europe met with Burato~usheku Prime Minister of Slovenia, thought to be based on their own is listed in the "active pacifism", thus contributing actively in order to ensure the peace and stability of the international community I told the.


Reform emphasis towards economic recovery in the lecture Prime Minister OECD

2014-05-06 19:02:00
It said Prime Minister Abe was speaking at the headquarters of the OECD = Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development in Paris, "" Abenomikusu "to complete the first time by continuing commitment to reform," said determination to towards the revival of the Japanese economy, engage in a wide range of reforms I have emphasized the. Also, I showed the idea to promote the multilateral negotiations of the EPA = economic partnership agreement between the countries.


Starting to Onodera Defense Minister Italy and Africa

2014-05-06 15:24:00
Afternoon the 6th, Onodera Minister of Defense, was starting the Haneda Airport for a visit to Africa and Italy, and visited the offices of the Self-Defense Forces working in Djibouti and southern Sudan.


"The promotion of Japan-France exchange in Japanese" Prime Minister

2014-05-06 04:42:00
5 night (Japan time), attended the reception to disseminate registered in the Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO, "Japanese", Prime Minister Abe has visited France to promote exchanges between Japan and France through the "Japanese" appealed.


Stronger "gray zone" legislation preceding opinion

2014-05-06 04:16:00
Tour around the handle of the right of collective self-defense, the Liberal Democratic Party, based on the intention of the New Komeito, in the extraordinary Diet session in the fall, infringement that do not lead to armed attack not related to the exercise of the right of collective self-defense, and in order to deal with the so-called gray zone opinion that we should be leading the legislation has been strengthened.


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