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Political News(2014/05/10)

Kyoto   Hakone

The first initiative to up to two years after Mr. Funada constitutional amendment

2014-05-10 18:14:00
Funada constitutional amendment Promotion Division of the Liberal Democratic Party a press conference in Saitama City, did on the constitutional amendment, the initiative proposed amendment several times between about 10 years from now, you want to question the pros and cons in the referendum, two years we showed the idea that aims to do the initiative of the first to the House of Councillors election until later.


Noda corporate tax rate reduction specified width is difficult

2014-05-10 15:15:00
For coverage of NHK, securing financial resources of alternative as it's premise, "the basic policy of reform and economic and fiscal management" that next month the government summarize, Noda tax investigation chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party of the so-called large-boned the reduction in the effective tax rate of corporation tax It showed a recognition that the policy, to incorporate specifically and width reduction is difficult.


The Defense Minister visited Djibouti activity base enhancements

2014-05-10 04:21:00
Onodera defense minister, thought that 9 night (Japan time), and visited Djibouti in eastern Africa, and visited the troops of the Maritime Self-Defense Forces are dispatched for Somariaokinokaizoku measures, it will consider the enhancement of activity base of Djibouti I showed.


"Monitoring the need for secret specify" the United States government officials yuan

2014-05-10 04:10:00
For specific secret protection law to be implemented by December this year, 9 day and night, former government officials familiar with the American secret protection legislation is a lecture in Tokyo, a secret specify a (yellow by force) arbitrary Upon operation of law It was pointed out check agency to monitor is important.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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