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Political News(2014/05/11)

Kyoto   Hakone

The consultation started with the New Komeito also next week Ishiba Mr. right of collective self-defense

2014-05-11 17:27:00
In helping told reporters, was that it would like to start next week consultation with New Komeito over the exercise acceptance of the right of collective self-defense in Mito, Ishiba secretary general of the Liberal Democratic Party is the idea of ​​promoting the adjustment carefully without delimited deadline showed.


Consider "up to 75-year-old about the selection system" and deferred pension

2014-05-11 12:13:00
Of NHK in the "Sunday debate", given that the way of working of the elderly has been diversified, currently, Tamura, Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare for the system to be moved down to 70-year-old the benefit age of public pension in individual choice, we showed the idea to consider whether not be extended to 75 years or so.


Peaceful resolution lobbying in Taniuchi Director Russia

2014-05-11 06:52:00
Last week, I visited Russia and met with Patorushefu Security Council secretary of the entourage of President Putin, toward a peaceful resolution and diplomatic of the Ukraine situation, Taniuchi director of the National Security Agency of the government, take a positive response it was found that it was not encouraged.


To a new "working hours system" Tour adjustment earnest

2014-05-11 05:01:00
Government is considering the creation towards a new growth strategy to summarize the prospect next month, remuneration is determined by the outcome of a new "working hours system", the norm for a long period of time and labor legalization of unpaid overtime It is expected to be based on opinion to be concerned, the future, the adjustment to full-scale.


To the bill submitted Restoration in "trash house" measures

2014-05-11 04:06:00
Nihon'ishin'nokai is, a bill that accumulate garbage a lot of the home, as a countermeasure to the so-called "trash house", local governments to be able to instruct the residents the removal of trash, and such fines if you do not follow, It has to be submitted to the House of Representatives in the near legislators.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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