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Political News(2014/05/19)

Kyoto   Hakone

The corporate tax cuts implemented from the Liberal Democratic volunteers next year

2014-05-19 22:18:00
Takaichi for Parliamentary investigation chairman, members of volunteer and medium-young of the Liberal Democratic Party to seek a reduction in the effective tax rate of corporate tax, conducted a reduction from the next fiscal year, 10 prospect in 2020, the tax rate of about 35% is currently We offer so that it aims to lower point about.


Opinion of finding grounds for democratic right of collective self-defense exercise

2014-05-19 21:37:00
In around the right of collective self-defense, open a joint meeting of such security General Committee, at the time of emergency in Japan nearby experts meeting of the government showed as a specific case, the Democratic Party, that is to protect and American warships For such, opinion asking the government to show the rationale that can not be active if you do not tolerate the exercise has been issued.


And adamantly opposed to the confluence of the Yui Restoration Ishihara

2014-05-19 21:19:00
Both houses lawmakers meeting of the party, said, "policy also philosophy is also different, it is dead set against the merging" with the confluence of the Party of Yui, Ishihara, co-representative of Nihon'ishin'nokai stressed Island thought to go against were.


Can not respond to Mr. Kaieda ahead of representative election

2014-05-19 20:51:00
At a press conference, for that voice without waiting for the expiration of the term of office of their own end of September next year, that we should be ahead of representative election have come up within the party, Kaieda representative of the Democratic Party elections in order to ask the "confidence It said to be the "not, we showed the idea that it is not depending.


Talks on the phone with Prime Minister Prime Minister candidate mark

2014-05-19 19:36:00
Abe Prime Minister, relations between the two countries and held talks on the phone prime minister candidate of the largest opposition party Bharatiya Janata Party, which was supposed to play a new government won the general elections in India, and Narendra Modi said, and to invite to Japan Modi Mr. It was confirmed that for the development of further, we will work closely.


Ruling party proposals such as "information monitoring Committee" installation

2014-05-19 19:19:00
Providing permanent "Information Monitoring Committee" in both houses of the Diet, respectively, work team of the Liberal Democratic Party-New Komeito Party have discussed how the parliament is involved in the operation of a particular secret Protection Act, monitoring the appropriateness of the designation of a particular secret We summarized the ruling party proposal that was then, and such can recommend operational improvements to the government.


Recommended the doubling of the budget of the declining birthrate

2014-05-19 18:49:00
"Is no do-overs are declining birthrate, need to be addressed with a sense of speed is there" as such, experts meeting of government are considering declining birthrate to double the budget, such as declining birthrate as a percentage of GDP = gross domestic product We summarized the recommendations of finding want.


"Extremely abstract requirements of exercise tolerated" Yamaguchi representative

2014-05-19 17:52:00
Yamaguchi representative of the New Komeito lecture in Tokyo, called "case that may affect critical to the safety of Japan" that experts meeting that Prime Minister Abe has been installed is shown as a requirement of the exercise acceptance of the right of collective self-defense For the concept, it was pointed out that should not be the criteria to clear the extremely abstract.


To defense ministers held in Japan and the United States and South Korea

2014-05-19 17:07:00
Onodera Defense Minister, clearly that in a speech you made in the Tokyo metropolitan area, to suit be held in Singapore from the 30th of this month in the "Asia Security Council", to carry out the defense ministers by three countries: Japan, the United States, South Korea were.


"The emphasis on economic measures" Komei

2014-05-19 15:17:00
Government ruling council is opened, while asked to proceed steadily ruling party talks but Chief Cabinet Secretary is over, such as the right to collective self-defense, while the ruling party consultation and advance, Inoue, secretary general of New Komeito, the economic measures we showed the idea that we should make the handling of the government with an emphasis.


Strengthening of the country in government cyber measures

2014-05-19 12:57:00
Of government "Information Security Policy Council" is opened, and have a new legal authority to put together a draft of a policy aimed at strengthen the country for the so-called cyber-attacks, recommend measures beyond the boundaries of ministries in this conference such as making has been incorporated.


Expect to Nishikawa TPP negotiations forward

2014-05-19 11:29:00
It met with negotiators of the Japanese government, "TPP is a pillar of the growth strategy of the Abe administration, Nishikawa TPP measures chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party to match the ministerial meeting of the TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, have visited Singapore, early It said it would "want to succeed, we showed expectations in advance of negotiations.


To bipartisan Gillen inaugurated in social security system

2014-05-19 06:08:00
To increase the payments of pension for the elderly that it means that the Parliamentary League of bipartisan will be inaugurated next month to try to consider the future of the social security system, which is to gain the understanding and consent of the people, did not take medical institutions It is expected that such will be discussed.


Ruling party consultation of the 20th start from the gray zone

2014-05-19 05:47:00
If you are decided to begin the ruling party talks over such as the right to collective self-defense from the 20th, first, are consistent with recognized both, that we need is legislation, the Liberal Democratic Party-New Komeito two parties, infringement does not lead to armed attack , It is the policy of entering the study from the response to the so-called gray zone situation.


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