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Political News(2014/06/04)

Kyoto   Hakone

Visited the Minamitorishima defense phase "in warning and surveillance thorough"

2014-06-04 23:34:00
After you visit the Marcus Island in the east most of Japan, was encouraged SDF personnel residing, told reporters, in mind, Onodera Minister of Defense, in the island and China have strengthened the movement of entry into the Pacific Ocean I showed the idea of ​​completeness to the vigilance and monitoring activities.


"Outlook of 22 people participated in the new party" Ishihara

2014-06-04 22:17:00
Ishihara, co-representative of Nihon'ishin'nokai is clear that it is expected to 4 day and night, and a press conference, members of 22 people to participate, including himself at the time of the 4 day and night to new party Ishihara side is formed along with the minute party did on to, we showed the idea to rush to prepare for formed a new party in late next month.


To the G7 summit before dawn Prime Minister tomorrow

2014-06-04 19:40:00
The early morning of the 5th (Japan time), the summit of the country was held in the capital Brussels, Belgium or G7 = advanced 7, including Japan, Abe Prime Minister, aggressive as Japan towards a stable political and economic of Ukraine It is to be shown serves idea.


National Referendum Law amendment Tour witness questions

2014-06-04 16:49:00
In the Upper House Constitutional Committee, for and the relationship of age to witness questions about the amendment of the National Referendum Law, which stipulates the procedures for constitutional revision is carried out, is obtained the right to vote and the nature of the exercise of public officials, voting age of referendum opinion was issued.


Understanding described in the new proposed standard Komei of logistic support

2014-06-04 15:35:00
Told reporters, direction regarding a new proposed standard of the government related to the expansion of logistical support to such multinational forces based on UN resolutions, to increase the logistical support is as it's the same, Takamura vice-president of the Liberal Democratic Party opinion negative But we showed the idea to seek an understanding with carefully explained to a large number of New Komeito.


To ban amendment filed child pornography possession

2014-06-04 14:38:00
Amendment of child pornography laws prohibiting possession of such images and obscene photographs of children, passed been submitted in the form of a chairman proposed to the House of Representatives plenary session of the 5th, deliberations in the Upper House if goes well, It is now expected to be passed in parliament today.


Transfer treaty approval of the Brazilian inmates

2014-06-04 13:46:00
Approved the draft of the Convention in order to be able to be transferred to the home country inmates of Brazilians are imprisoned in Japan, to prison to prison terms of remaining, passed unanimously in the House of Councilors plenary session of the 4th, was approved.


Strengthening the new law is established to monitor the reformatory

2014-06-04 11:35:00
New that was Based on the assault to the boy by the instructor from that occurred in Hiroshima reformatory, and reformatory nationwide, providing a third-party organization to make with lawyers called "Visiting Committee", and such as to monitor the status of operation of the facility and reformatory bill such, was established passed unanimously in the House of Councilors plenary session of the 4th.


Law of the national pension payment rate improved establishment

2014-06-04 10:54:00
Order to increase the pay rate of the national pension premiums, incorporating such continuation of the system of pay retroactively to past premiums have become unpaid, amendments such as the National Pension Act, favor in the Upper House plenary session of the 4th I was passed passed by majority.


Draft of the whole picture found G7 summit declaration

2014-06-04 07:09:00
You are there ready to draft summit declaration to be adopted at the summit meeting of countries G7 = advanced 7 becomes clear, by around the Ukraine situation, consider the sanctions additional against Russia if necessary. In addition, we are "and deeply concerned about tensions in the South China Sea and East China Sea, and to oppose attempts unilaterally in the territory and ocean through the use of force" or in mind China to strengthen the marine advance.


The arrival of the Prime Minister to Belgium G7 venue

2014-06-04 06:47:00
To attend to discuss such measures for growth recovery of the world economy and the Ukraine situation, the summit of the countries G7 = advanced 7, the early morning of the 4th, Abe Prime Minister, arrived in the capital Brussels, Belgium.


Intensive reform the employment environment in three years new growth strategy draft

2014-06-04 06:02:00
Draft of a new growth strategy of the government becomes clear, it is positioned as a "period of intensive reform for the employment environment improvement", the next three years, and "Preventing overworked", it is evaluated in the outcome rather than the "working hours In addition to addressing the reform "to the system, and has incorporated such that to double the market size of the robot in the manufacturing sector in 2020.


Full-scale reform of the system considered received pension financing verification

2014-06-04 05:11:00
In response to that the prospect of the financial situation of public pension over approximately 100 years is coherent, and the expansion of suppressing measures to force at a constant rate the payments of pension, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the study aimed at system reform We are allowed to full-scale, and you want compiled a concrete plan within the year.


The stronger lobbying both in the Meiji Restoration minute party

2014-06-04 04:27:00
Nihon'ishin'nokai is supposed to be to intention lawmakers or belonging to the party of either Ishihara, of Hashimoto both joint representative to up to 5 days towards the minute party be divided into two parties. Lawmakers more than 35 people in Hashimoto's side, encouraging both to lawmakers that you are told its intention to lawmakers more than 15 people to participate, have not decided the attitude has intensified in Ishihara side so far.


Halt in Ishiba Mr. SDF dispatch operational aspects

2014-06-04 00:39:00
In helping told reporters, was that we should spread than it is now the subject of logistical support to the multinational force in Tokyo, Ishiba secretary general of the Liberal Democratic Party to give consideration to the safety and public understanding Upon dispatch of the Self-Defense Forces has shown recognition needed, that will be put an end to the operational aspect.


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