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Political News(2014/06/21)

Kyoto   Hakone

Yozo Ishikawa, former Defense Secretary death

2014-06-21 22:54:00
The 21st, at a hospital in Tokyo, Yozo Ishikawa, who in the original member of the House of Representatives of the Liberal Democratic Party, he served as Minister of State for Defense and has died because of acute respiratory failure due to pneumonia. Was 88 years old.


"It is written all correctly" Kono

2014-06-21 19:29:00
Kono Yohei original House of Representatives chairman to speak at Yamaguchi City, for examination results of Kono Chief Cabinet Secretary discourse surrounding government has published, the problem of the so-called comfort women, did on to be "written all correctly", Japan and South Korea both we showed the idea to expect that the government will strive to improve relations.


I hope to show minesweeping participation of Defense Minister Self-Defense Forces

2014-06-21 15:22:00
Told reporters, through the ruling party consultation over and the right to collective self-defense, in minesweeping activities of mine international when armed attack occurs in the sea lanes = sea lanes, Onodera Minister of Defense, and Japan in Beppu, Oita Prefecture we showed expectations that it will be able to participate.


New draft Reconstruction Agency nuclear accident reputational damage control

2014-06-21 04:50:00
As reputational damage control that has received the accident of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, and that it encourage the use of agricultural products in the affected areas, such as member companies of the Japan Federation of Economic Organizations, Reconstruction Agency, and be actively working to attract tourists We have documented a new draft to incorporating.


Attitude gaze sale stop North Korean side of the Chongryon headquarters

2014-06-21 04:18:00
North Korea side that receives that it has issued a decision to be around the central headquarters of Chongryon = General Association of Korean Residents in Japan, the Supreme Court to stop once the sale process, has rebounded to the sale, the government abductees In response to such investigation, or indicate what kind of attitude, we have to be monitored closely.


The published study results of government Kono discourse

2014-06-21 01:55:00
And published the results of experts has examined such as the creation process of Kono Chief Cabinet Secretary discourse of 1993 to tour the problem of so-called comfort women, showed remorse and apology, the preparation of discourse, government, and pre-Korea It was revealed that it was closely coordinated. At a press conference, and one that was compiled the facts of the creation process study results, but Chief Cabinet Secretary has shown the idea that there is no change in the policy of the government not reviewed the Kono discourse.


The special resolution law enacted in sale of subsidiary stock at the time

2014-06-21 01:11:00
and amendment of the Companies Act that was when the parent company to sell the shares of the subsidiaries, and the like requiring a special resolution at the shareholders' meeting, by this, so as to not hurt the framework of the compensation of Minamata disease, not eligible nitrogen cause companies the 20th, legislation that was passed in the Upper House plenary session.


Establishment, such as the faculty role limited revision School Education Act

2014-06-21 00:19:00
Such amendment School Education Act, which was to advance the university reform in the President led, and the like to limit the role has been a decision-making body of virtually at many universities of "faculty meeting" is passed by the Upper House plenary session of the 20th · I was satisfied.


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