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Political News(2014/07/04)

Kyoto   Hakone

I Negirau Disaster Relief Team of Malaysia aircraft search

2014-07-04 23:01:00
And met with members of the International Disaster Relief Team of Japan who participated in the search of Malaysia aircraft that are no longer know the whereabouts in March this year, Prime Minister Abe has appreciation wax.


"Life reconstruction plan by mid-next month," Ishihara Environment Minister

2014-07-04 21:41:00
Ishihara, Minister of the Environment of the local government to be built in Fukushima prefecture, to store interim storage facility and soil you are speaking at workshops faction's own Liberal Democratic Party, which was held in Kanagawa Prefecture, Hakone-machi, came out in decontamination In order to gain an understanding, we have to clear the idea shown in mid next month at the latest and life restructuring measures of residents.


Support expansion of the New Komeito abduction victims

2014-07-04 19:08:00
Open the meeting of the working team on the support of the abductees, if their families and abductees were returned to Japan, such as that to be paid in lump sum equivalent to the national pension was supposed receive original, New Komeito, to expand support It was confirmed that summarize a concrete plan towards.


Executive appointment of women in successive central government

2014-07-04 18:04:00
Cabinet meeting of the 4th, to determine the executive personnel of central government ministries, female director for the first time, such as the birth of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Justice, female employees are appointed in succession to the executive, the government growth strategy the "activities of female" It was a HR policy of the Abe administration, which lay at the core of is reflected.


North Korean government investigation a strict monitoring

2014-07-04 14:17:00
Survey such as abductees joint meeting such as the abduction issue headquarters of the Liberal Democratic Party is opened, North Korea was established by the "special investigation committee", "investigation if insufficient, again, and sanctions against North Korea opinions such as "should strengthen measures, seeking strict monitoring to the government was after another.


The best on the thickness labor minister circumvention drag crackdown

2014-07-04 13:59:00
At a press conference after the cabinet meeting, in response to such incidents car to drive of a man who smoked a circumvention herbs in downtown Tokyo, Ikebukuro has runaway, Tamura, Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare, to the health of the circumvention of the law drag, including the circumvention herbs will strive to publicity about the effects, we showed the idea that given our best to crackdown in cooperation with the police.


Talks resume premature or Foreign Minister 6

2014-07-04 13:37:00
At a press conference after the cabinet meeting, for the six-party talks over the nuclear issue of North Korea, that North Korea is showing the correspondence concrete such as denuclearization is important, Kishida Minister for Foreign Affairs and launching of ballistic missiles recently Given, we showed recognition resume at the moment that's premature.


The spate of criticism from jeers ministers to women legislators in the National Assembly

2014-07-04 12:33:00
For that the House of Representatives Affairs Committee which was held in April this year, women legislators had received jeers of "useless if you do not lay the child have been married soon" from the male members of other, and after the cabinet meeting of the 4th At a press conference, remarks such as "absolutely not allowed" was one after another from the ministers.


Determine the partial lifting of the government sanctions against North Korea

2014-07-04 11:28:00
From that investigation is started that it has installed North Korea to investigate and abducted a "special investigation committee" is confirmed, through the Cabinet, government, North Korea humanitarian purpose that Japan is going to own It was decided to cancel the sanction of three, such as the prohibition of entry into port a ship of cough.


Mr. Naoto Otani Osaka High Court in New Secretary

2014-07-04 11:02:00
Cabinet meeting of the 4th, the government has decided to appoint personnel Otani Naoto Supreme Court of the Secretary-General to the new Secretary of the Osaka High Court.


Mr. Shigeo Matsutomi the new Israel ambassador

2014-07-04 10:45:00
Cabinet meeting of the 4th, the government decided to appoint personnel to the international Shigeo Matsutomi information officer to oversee the new Israeli ambassador.


The Keidanren former vice chairman of the Cabinet Secretariat participation

2014-07-04 04:44:00
In an attempt to strengthen the cooperation of the public and private sectors towards the break from the deflation, the firm policy of the new Cabinet Secretariat participation, devote Nakamura Yoshio Vice Chairman of the front of the Keidanren, the 4th, Abe Prime Minister, it is possible to issue a letter of appointment we have to.


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