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Political News(2014/07/05)

Kyoto   Hakone

Prevent recurrence thorough Ishiba secretary general jeers problem

2014-07-05 20:12:00
Ishiba LDP Secretary General to speak at Morioka, about a problem that party affiliation lawmakers flew inappropriate jeers in the Diet and the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly is were numerous, loose or arrogance, is it not? Came out to "Liberal Democratic Party The stated indications that is "there, we showed the idea that ensure thorough prevent recurrence.


"Full support" private sector participation in agricultural zones

2014-07-05 18:59:00
The full support to the government, the effort to visit the Hyogo Prefecture Yabu that has been specified to deregulation of the agricultural sector in the "national strategy Zone", to facilitate the entry of private companies, but Chief Cabinet Secretary, agriculture in many parts has shown the idea that you want to model case for proceeding with the activation of.


"Was put brakes on the expansion exercise" Yamaguchi representative

2014-07-05 18:51:00
In terms of Yamaguchi representative of New Komeito greet opinion exchange meeting with representatives of local organizations and the executive, for the Cabinet decision to tolerate the exercise of the right of collective self-defense, was to be "multiplied by the strict brakes on the expansion of the exercise" , has shown that the idea will be described in carefully so as to obtain the understanding of the people.


Mr. Ishiba right of collective self-defense is an understanding in the Diet debate

2014-07-05 18:36:00
For legislation in the future based on the Cabinet decision to lecture in Morioka, to tolerate the exercise of the right to collective self-defense, Ishiba secretary general of the Liberal Democratic Party, "It's the responsibility of us and is going to explain to get to know the people" It said, we showed the idea that through such debate in the National Assembly, to proceed while the understanding of the people.


Monitoring through the embassy investigation of North Korean Foreign Minister

2014-07-05 18:04:00
In relation to that told reporters, was placed North Korea to the investigation such as abduction victims "special investigation committee" in Hiroshima City, through the embassy in Beijing, Kishida Foreign Minister line properly investigate we showed the idea to go to monitor or is cracked.


Actively further leverage Chief Cabinet Secretary hometown tax

2014-07-05 15:51:00
But Chief Cabinet Secretary to speak at Hyogo Prefecture Ono, if you donated to the municipality other than where he is living, taxes are deducted for the "Hometown taxation system", and towards the active use, review of systems, including those has shown the idea that you want to consider Te.


Preparing team launched towards the creation local headquarters installation

2014-07-05 08:34:00
The government, now that toward the installation hits, such as compilation of measures for the regeneration of areas of "local creation Headquarters", to launch a ready team of 50 people scale the Cabinet Secretariat is also in the middle of this month.


Support measures considered to return assumption of the ruling abduction victims

2014-07-05 07:16:00
LDP-Komei two parties, we have to advance the study of support measures in response to North Korea to perform the investigation of the abduction victims, assuming the return of victims, and to put together even by the end of this month.


Notice to seek thorough enforcement of the law of the land in the LDP jeers problem

2014-07-05 04:50:00
The Liberal Democratic Party, has decided to undergo that the problem of inappropriate jeers by the party lawmakers were revealed, for such each prefecture ream, issue a notice to seek a thorough enforcement of the law of the land in the beginning of the week.


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