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Political News(2014/07/07)

Kyoto   Hakone

Self burden to large hospital visits optimization

2014-07-07 22:45:00
Group of the Social Security Council of the advisory body to the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare is opened, patients admitted to a large hospital without a letter of introduction is still many, troubles as might appear to play a role that is responsible for the treatment of critically ill patients, It is now possible to examine measures in the direction to raise the self burden of these patients.


The notice the enforcement of the law of the land in the LDP inappropriate jeers

2014-07-07 22:12:00
In response to that problem that party lawmakers were skipping inappropriate jeers at the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly and the National Assembly were numerous, the 7th, to the councilors, the Liberal Democratic Party, towards the prevention of recurrence parliamentarians and all that belong to the party was issued a notice asking you to thorough enforcement of the law of the land.


Prime Minister to the summit on the 8th Australian arrival

2014-07-07 21:08:00
After visiting the first country, the dates of New Zealand, evening the 7th of Japan time, and arrived in the countries visited Australia in the next, the 8th, met with Abbott Prime Minister, Prime Minister Abe is in a wide range of fields such as economics and security We decided to dodge the opinion towards the strengthening of cooperation.


I completeness typhoon No. 8 corresponding prime minister instructed

2014-07-07 18:46:00
The government held a conference that receives the approach of typhoon No. 8 very strong at large, a collection of personnel of relevant ministries and agencies in the Prime Minister's Office, based on the instructions of Prime Minister Abe, but Chief Cabinet Secretary Ya providing information to the public I was asked to take all possible measures, such as assistance with the evacuation of residents.


Criticism by overlapping the former Prime Minister Koizumi primary re-operation policy

2014-07-07 17:38:00
Koizumi former Prime Minister to lecture in Tokyo, said, "the logic of nuclear propulsion is broken completely," said in relation to the energy policy of the future, nuclear power plant safety has been confirmed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to resume operation It was criticized by overlapping the government policy of determining.


Tell the prefectural assembly met with "the resignation mind" to flow tears

2014-07-07 15:07:00
Members of Hyogo prefectural assembly is as was the trip of 195 times last year, and spent 3 million yen over without attach a receipt from the Parliamentary activity costs, an issue that criticism is one after another, to the Chairman of the County Council this lawmaker "lawmakers it was found that it was told that it "has in mind to resign.


The debate over about a year legislation of the right of collective self-defense

2014-07-07 13:03:00
At a press conference in the morning the 7th, for the legislation to be able to exercise the right of collective self-defense, submit the bills at once to the National Assembly, over the course of about one year, but Chief Cabinet Secretary deliberates carefully I showed the idea that I want to.


Assent to day · NZ summit collective self-defense rights

2014-07-07 10:05:00
Prime Minister Abe has visited New Zealand to obtain the understanding in a position of "active pacifism" and explained that the morning the 7th of Japan time, make a summit meeting with key prime minister, was Cabinet decision to exercise acceptance of the right of collective self-defense , key Prime Minister also showed their support.


New Zealand begin day summit

2014-07-07 07:18:00
Morning the 7th, we will explain that you are facing the summit of the key prime minister, was the Cabinet decision to exercise acceptance of the right to collective self-defense, Prime Minister Abe has visited New Zealand strengthen cooperation in the field of security, including disaster prevention I seen those and, brought this one home for the promotion of cooperation in the economic field, have exchanged views.


To exchange views with Kaieda representative local organizations

2014-07-07 05:14:00
Around the whole country for the first time in the place where the basis of the opinion seeking ahead of representative election, to sum up the efforts of one year also open at the end of this month, Kaieda representative of Democratic Party opinion with local side around the and direction of the party of the future It is thought to be exchanged, you want to get an understanding on the management of their own party.


To hearing towards self-public reduced tax rate introduced

2014-07-07 04:46:00
LDP, New Komeito Party has been that towards the introduction of the reduced tax rate of consumption tax, to start hearings affiliate from the 8th, and that there deep-rooted opposition opinion because an increase in the administrative burden among operators from, the adjustment towards the end of the year is also expected difficulties.


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