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Political News(2014/07/08)

Kyoto   Hakone

The opposition to Mr. Kaieda right of collective self-defense short deliberation

2014-07-08 23:15:00
At a press conference, for that you have adjusted in the direction of the government and the ruling party, be submitted to the ordinary Diet session next year a bill in order to be able to exercise the right of collective self-defense, Kaieda representative of the Democratic Party to discuss the "short time It said if the called, and "shall not be forgiven, of course, we showed the idea to oppose.


Burden to consider specific measures of visits without a letter of introduction

2014-07-08 14:27:00
At a press conference after the cabinet meeting, for that Group of the Council of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, have been discussions in the direction to raise the self-pay patients to visit a large hospital without a letter of introduction, Tamura, Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare public understanding has shown the idea that we would like to consider specific measures while obtaining.


No inaugural issue of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Tanaka know Mr.

2014-07-08 14:09:00
At a press conference after the cabinet meeting, about what Tanaka intellectual professor of the University of Tokyo Graduate School appointed to the new committee of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has been decided had obtained compensation from the power company, amount of money for a small fee Kan Chief Cabinet Secretary It showed a recognition that no problem can be appointed as committee members.


Sue cooperation in the security field in the Prime Minister Australian parliament

2014-07-08 11:51:00
The Prime Minister Abe of his visit in the country or Oceania 3, and a speech in parliament of Australia for the first time as Prime Minister of Japan, said, "Japan is trying to renew the legal basis of security," you of the right of collective self-defense has shown the idea Given that an attempt was made to Cabinet decision to tolerate exercise, between the United States and Australia, and that we want to further strengthen cooperation in the security field.


In considering the introduction of the defense phase multi-function transport ship

2014-07-08 09:58:00
Onodera defense minister has visited the United States, considered to be visited the amphibious assault ship of the United States Navy at the naval base in California, and would like to consider the introduction of a new transport ship that can be used for multiple purposes, such as support of the disaster and the defense of the island I showed.


To strengthen confirmation of Japan-Australia summit security and economic cooperation

2014-07-08 06:24:00
The 8th, Prime Minister Abe has visited Australia met with Abbott Prime Minister, did on explained that it was the Cabinet decision to exercise acceptance of the right to collective self-defense, between the two countries and agreement to jointly develop defense equipment It is thought to be signed in EPA = economic partnership agreement aimed at liberalization of trade and investment, you want to see the strengthening of cooperation and economic security.


Cooperation confirmation of Japan and the United States and South Korea in the Japan-US Foreign Ministers' North Korea

2014-07-08 04:17:00
7 night (Japan time), and talks on the phone with Kelly Secretary of State of the United States, in response to that was installed North Korea to investigate the abduction victims a "special investigation committee", Kishida Foreign Minister sanctions unique to Japan It was confirmed that the corresponding in cooperation with the three countries that it is possible to explain that you have broken the part of, was sprinkled with South Korea on issues such as missile and nuclear North Korea.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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