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Political News(2014/07/10)

Kyoto   Hakone

"Japan cooperation in the Ukraine situation" Foreign Minister

2014-07-10 22:52:00
Kishida Foreign Minister, the idea can be around the Ukraine situation tense situation persists, talks on the phone with Foreign Minister France, Germany, towards a peaceful resolution of the situation, and that we would like to cooperate actively as Japan told.


I work to reduce the burden of foreign minister Kadena Air Base

2014-07-10 22:19:00
Met at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and mayor of Okinawa Kadena, Whereas been requested to implement measures to such noise pollution of aircraft taking off and landing in the United States Army Kadena Air Base, Kishida Minister for Foreign Affairs, that wants to work on reducing the burden of base I told the idea.


Dates agreement of Budget Committee the right of collective self-defense review

2014-07-10 21:29:00
Board of Directors meeting of the Budget Committee of both houses of the Diet is opened, respectively, in response to that it has made a Cabinet decision the government to tolerate the exercise of the right to collective self-defense, in the House of Representatives on the 14th next week, in the Upper House on the next the 15th, ruling and opposition parties agreed formally by performing the examination closing in seeking to attend the Prime Minister Abe both.


Cooperation in the educational support of Koizumi Parliamentary Secretary Futaba County

2014-07-10 20:50:00
The press conference in Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture, in integrated middle and high schools to be opened in Fukushima Prefecture Futaba County in April next year, Koizumi SusumuJiro reconstruction Parliamentary officer, Naoko Yamazaki of former astronaut and the end of large Mr. for the former Olympic athletes land with Mr. et al showed the idea to cooperate in such as in a classroom environment.


Correction request to protest Chief Cabinet Secretary Nikkei

2014-07-10 18:10:00
At a press conference in the afternoon, about what Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported North Korea has shown a list of survivors, including the Japanese abduction victims of multiple intergovernmental consultations ahead, but Chief Cabinet Secretary as quite different from the facts, It was revealed that it was determined rapid correction in protest.


Health Insurance Association last year closing surplus shrinking

2014-07-10 17:34:00
Became a surplus of 180 billion yen more than an increase in premium income, but financial results for FY2013 last year Heisei health insurance employees from small and medium-sized enterprises to join the "Association of Health Insurance" means that contributions to medical care for the elderly from as a result of increased, surplus was reduced more than 120 billion yen from the previous fiscal year.


The prime minister arrived in Papua New Guinea

2014-07-10 15:42:00
Afternoon on the 10th (Japan time), arrived in the countries visited Papua New Guinea last, at a meeting with O'Neill prime minister, Prime Minister Abe that tour the country or Oceania 3, the stable supply to Japan of LNG = liquefied natural gas It has to be confirmed and efforts.


Starting to Papua New Guinea Prime Minister

2014-07-10 10:36:00
After finishing the dates of a series in Australia, the morning of the 10th Japan time, the countries visited last, Prime Minister Abe that tour the country or Oceania 3, was left for Papua New Guinea.


Adjust to reside in the United States Naval Operations Headquarters SDF

2014-07-10 05:21:00
By next month, the Naval Operations headquarters in the capital of the United States, in the Washington suburbs, Ministry of Defense, to reside Maritime Self-Defense Forces, it was found that it is coordinated with the United States side.


To "resources diplomacy" in Papua New Guinea prime minister

2014-07-10 04:55:00
Following, the 10th, to visit Papua New Guinea but agreed that between Australia, we will further strengthen the cooperation between the two countries towards the stable supply of resources, Abe Prime Minister, of LNG = liquefied natural gas You are going to want to see the cooperation towards a stable supply to Japan.


Upper House electoral reform bill submitted also postponed to next year

2014-07-10 04:14:00
In the electoral reform of the House of Councilors, and studying in each parliamentary group along the proposal of their own that case click the prefectures adjacent, aside Upper House secretary general of the Liberal Democratic Party, want to submit such amendment of the election law to the extraordinary Diet session in autumn It is thought, but view not been obtained in the understanding of the Liberal Democratic Party, submitted that is postponed to next year also has come out.


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