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Political News(2014/07/14)

Kyoto   Hakone

Poll party support rate

2014-07-14 19:35:00
When depends on the poll of NHK, 34.3% is ▽ Liberal Democratic Party, 4.8% ▽ Democrats, 1.7% is ▽ Nihon'ishin'nokai, 3.6% is ▽ Komeito, support rate of each party is, of ▽ everyone 0.5% is the party, 3.4% is ▽ Communist Party, 0.1 percent is the party of Yui ▽, 0.3% is the party of ▽ life, 0.9% is ▽ Social Democratic Party, which supports especially "▽ It was 42.5 percent political parties is "not.


Consultation document Okinawa Prefecture of Henoko offshore survey accepted

2014-07-14 19:18:00
The 14th, a document lodge consultation in Okinawa Prefecture has arrived in the prefectural government to tour the relocation plan of the United States military Futenma, Okinawa Defense Agency will begin a boring survey of the seabed in Nago Henoko coastal areas. We decided to Okinawa Prefecture to accept the document, the future, to advance the examination of the contents.


Legislation of the prime minister the right to collective self-defense is the description carefully

2014-07-14 15:24:00
Government and the ruling party liaison conference was held, in relation to the Shiga Governor election, said, "standing on top of a thorough self-examination, I want to continue to promote policies for the nation," said Abe Prime Minister of the right of collective self-defense In such legislation on the Exercise of acceptance, and it was confirmed that it will seek the understanding and carefully explained to the public.


During the day at the APEC summit in November Prime Minister

2014-07-14 13:57:00
Prime Minister Abe shows the thinking at the closing of examination of the House of Representatives Budget Committee, according to the summit of APEC = Asia Pacific Ocean Economic Cooperation forum to be held in Beijing, China in November this year, wants to do during the day summit directly below.


It can not be said without the Shiga Governor election right of collective self-defense impact

2014-07-14 12:38:00
In the House of Representatives Budget Committee, about the candidates, such as the Liberal Democratic Party-endorsed Shiga governor election vote on the 13th has been made was defeated, Prime Minister Abe is going to Moshiageru discussion of the "right of collective self-defense has not been affected It was said that "no desire.


Encourage strengthening of finding self-restraint in government North Korea

2014-07-14 04:36:00
For that since the end of last month, North Korea has increased the frequency of ballistic missile launch, Onodera Defense Minister expressed concern with the "Do not training combat basis", the future, in cooperation with the countries concerned, the government North Korea You are going to want to strengthen the appeal to seek a restraint against.


Also pointed out that factors such as the ruling party in the right of collective self-defense

2014-07-14 04:23:00
Shiga governor election vote was held on the 13th, about the candidates, such as the Liberal Democratic Party is recommending is defeated, former Democratic Party member of the House of Representatives has been elected, the ruling party, etc. Cabinet decision to tolerate the exercise of the right of collective self-defense pointed out that's one of the factors that lack spread to the support also has come out. In contrast, the Democratic Party, is the idea that you want to strengthen the offensive to the Abe administration to build on the results of this election.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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