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Political News(2014/07/18)

Kyoto   Hakone

"Sendai nuclear power plant re-running decision carefully," former Prime Minister Hosokawa

2014-07-18 22:25:00
Told reporters, Hosokawa former Prime Minister, showed considered judgment of resuming operation of the Sendai nuclear power plant in Kagoshima Prefecture, that we should exercise caution in Tokyo.


To the Cabinet ministries fuel cell vehicle introduction of all

2014-07-18 21:11:00
The 18th, in addition to eco-friendly vehicles of the next generation was fueled by hydrogen in Kitakyushu visit destination, and test drive in a fuel cell vehicle, introduced as official vehicle fuel cell vehicles in the Cabinet ministries all from next year, Prime Minister Abe Buyer has shown the idea by, for example, subsidize and want work to spread.


The willingness to continue the party management representative Kaieda

2014-07-18 18:13:00
In terms of a conference that gathered was held in Sendai, the person responsible for the local organization of the party, it was said, "unified local elections next year spring becomes crucial for survival of the party," said Kaieda representative of the Democratic Party, continue , has shown a willingness to be responsible for the party operates as a representative.


Chief Cabinet Secretary "no name looked like the Japanese, but checking"

2014-07-18 17:14:00
At a press conference in the afternoon, according to the "Malaysia Airlines, nationality of 257 people out of 298 people passengers is confirmed, in which have not been included in people of Japanese nationality. Kan Chief Cabinet Secretary of the 41 people remaining nationality's checking continue. Passengers roster standing Netherlands Embassy of Japan was obtained, there is no name looked like the Japanese, but nationality is not covered in this list, it has yet to confirm the final " I said.


Prime Minister "the chance to pinch" tasting the fruits Yamanashi

2014-07-18 16:43:00
After you have met with the Prime Minister's official residence to PR the fruit of Yamanashi Prefecture and "Fruit Lady" from, was tasting the grapes and peaches, Prime Minister Abe, such as agriculture-related facilities in many Yamanashi Prefecture by the heavy snow of February this year about the damage came to, I was encouraged to be "I want to change the chance to pinch".


The realization of the summit meeting in Japan and South Korea also Gillen year

2014-07-18 16:13:00
Open the Joint Steering Committee in the National Assembly within the Parliamentary League of the South Korean side, and you want to realize the summit of Park Kune President and Prime Minister Abe also the end of the year, the Japan-Korea Parliamentarians to make a legislator of bipartisan, this year It was confirmed that it will increase the momentum by, for example, open a joint meeting of the Parliamentary League in Seoul in October.


It indicates "city, people and job creation headquarters" preparation room inaugurated

2014-07-18 14:07:00
At the ministerial meeting after the cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Abe, has instructed towards the installation hits, such as compilation of measures for the regeneration of the region of "town, people and job creation Headquarters", to launch the preparation room .


15 people Promotion Director-General or higher class "activities of female"

2014-07-18 13:09:00
Cabinet meeting of the 18th, as part of promoting the "activities of female", determines and human resources to appoint Bando Kumiko Mr. of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Deputy Director-General in the new consumer Agency, the government, the director-general level or more of the central government female employees are now able to increase to 15 people from eight people in a series of personnel.


The appointed defense Deputy Tokuji defense policy director of the newly established

2014-07-18 12:27:00
Cabinet meeting of the 18th, in order to strengthen cooperation with other countries with regard to security, the defense Deputy Director of the post of deputy secretary-class newly provided to the Ministry of Defense, the government decided to HR to appoint Tokuji Shu-shi defense policy director were.


"Full cooperation with the international community to investigate the cause" airliner crash

2014-07-18 11:34:00
In response airliner of Malaysia Airlines from crashed, am on the 18th, to open the Ministerial meeting of the NSC = National Security Council, the Prime Minister Abe, the government was instructed to hit, such as information and analysis investigating the cause.


Convey economic assistance to Ukraine Foreign Minister

2014-07-18 04:33:00
17 day and night (Japan time), Kishida Foreign Minister met with Kurimukin Foreign Minister in Ukraine visited, towards the convergence of the battle that has continued in the east, along with the urge to interact with, such as pro-Russian faction and economic as Japan I told a policy to steadily implement and support.


Distribution to elucidate the circumvention of the law drag-site inspection

2014-07-18 04:14:00
To subject the shop that you may have received that the accident can be seen circumvention drag to be the cause is one after another, are selling circumvention drag, the government, along with the implement as soon as possible the simultaneous inspections by prefectural police and , We have documented emergency measures to promote such as the elucidation of the distribution channels of the drug.


"Reforms need of constant" social security system Prime Minister

2014-07-18 00:06:00
The anticipation of the aging of the population, to discuss the nature of the social security system sustainable in the medium to long term, the first meeting of experts meeting of government is opened, it is said, "We need reform of the constant", Prime Minister Abe is, benefits It was asked to examine the reform in terms of both the burden.


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