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Political News(2014/07/30)

Kyoto   Hakone

Airliner crashed Japan and Australia match in close collaboration

2014-07-30 20:40:00
The talks on the phone with the Foreign Minister of Australia that many victims were out with shooting down incident of Malaysia aircraft, Kishida Foreign Minister, that towards the stability of the Ukrainian situation, we will work closely continued and rapid truth of the incident at matched.


"Essential presence of the United States Army in East Asia stable" Defense Minister

2014-07-30 18:36:00
For the first time, the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier landings in the United States Army during training as ministers of Japan, Onodera Minister of Defense, stated that "I felt once again the importance of deterrence of the United States Navy in Japan centered on the aircraft carrier", I have emphasized the believed that the presence of American forces that is essential to the stability of East Asia.


Expectations of cooperation at the private level and prime minister in Latin America

2014-07-30 10:45:00
Morning the 30th (Japan time), attended the meeting of the committee to make in economic organizations of Colombia and Japan, Prime Minister Abe has visited Colombia, to strengthen relations with four countries located on the Pacific Ocean side of Central and South America, such as Mexico and Colombia we showed expectations that towards, cooperation proceeds in the private sector level.


It launched the abduction issue correspondence between ministries director-general level meeting

2014-07-30 05:21:00
In order to study and efforts to support and posture making in order to validate the findings of the abduction victims by North Korea, a life reconstruction of victims who returned, the government, Foreign Affairs under the Cabinet Deputy Secretary of office We launched a new conference to make at director-general level of the relevant ministries and agencies such as the National Police Agency and the Ministry.


Differences considered representative democratic election Terms tour executive insiders

2014-07-30 04:08:00
Democrats, have to be opened to the 31st both Houses lawmakers meeting to sum up this year, Ohata secretary length, so that the light of the opinions that seek ahead of representative election, party members colleagues can participate in representative elections term middle In contrast to the positive review of the Terms to, Kaieda representative negative, before the meeting, to voice concerns about the difference in attitude of the executive within has come out within the party.


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