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Political News(2014/08/04)

Kyoto   Hakone

New party leader in two of Parliamentarians and top Mr. Hashimoto

2014-08-04 17:17:00
Matsui secretary general of Nihon'ishin'nokai, told reporters, about the leader of the new party to be formed can be merged with the Party of Yui, at the top of the Parliamentarians and Hashimoto representative of the meeting of the Restoration, that serve two people is desirable I showed the recognition that.


"Should not be on the comfort women issue diplomacy" Kan

2014-08-04 13:09:00
At a press conference in the morning, but Chief Cabinet Secretary, in relation to that you have to clear it and published a summary of the claims of the Korean side the "comfort women White Paper" on issues within the next year, the Korean government over the so-called comfort women, I showed the idea should not be political, diplomatic problem this problem.


Return home after Prime Minister Abe Latin America tour

2014-08-04 09:49:00
After finishing, such as meeting with leaders of the countries, the dates of the series, the 4th morning, Prime Minister Abe who was visited the countries in Latin America 5, came home.


Check the unity glare LDP factions each cabinet reshuffle

2014-08-04 05:35:00
Is open in succession workshops from last month, or group each faction of the Liberal Democratic Party within the aim to confirm the unity staring the officer personnel of the party and the cabinet reshuffle that takes place the first week of next month, indicating the presence I am seen as some also.


The focus of the confluence of the post, such as Hashimoto's Yui and Restoration

2014-08-04 04:24:00
The 3rd, a policy that launched the new party Preparatory Committee, to promote coordination with the aim of new party formed the next month, the party of Yui and Nihon'ishin'nokai is the focal role and post of Hashimoto representative of the meeting of the Restoration is not a Member of Parliament It is expected to be.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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