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Political News(2014/08/09)

Kyoto   Hakone

The talks for the first time in almost a year Japan and South Korea Foreign Minister

2014-08-09 23:24:00
Myanmar visited, 9 night (Japan time), and met about a year the first time Yoon Byonse Foreign Minister of South Korea, with around the problem of the so-called comfort women, Kishida Minister of Foreign Affairs will continue to inherit the Kono Chief Cabinet Secretary discourse while explaining the position, the Korean side was asked repeatedly take measures for a certain sincerity. And to discuss the concern between the two countries in the future, both the Foreign Minister, has agreed to go trying to communicate at various levels.


Japan and South Korea Foreign Minister talks for the first time in almost a year

2014-08-09 21:48:00
Myanmar visited, 9 night (Japan time), Kishida Foreign Minister was met with Yoon Byonse Foreign Minister of South Korea. Since September last year, Japan and South Korea Foreign Ministers' Meeting was offered is approximately 1 year.


To the communication infrastructure development in Myanmar yen loan

2014-08-09 21:12:00
Myanmar visited, Kishida Minister of Foreign Affairs met with Wanna Maung Ruin Foreign Minister, for the development of communication infrastructure dissemination such as the Internet or telephone is delayed, it was told the policy of ODA loan of 10.5 billion yen .


Self-control in North Korea Foreign Minister countries work together

2014-08-09 19:43:00
Against North Korea to attend the Foreign Ministers' meeting in Japan, China, South Korea and ASEAN = Association of Southeast Asian Nations, has repeatedly provocative behavior such as launching of ballistic missiles, Kishida Minister of Foreign Affairs that visited Myanmar, cooperation and international I was invited to go in search of self-restraint by.


I seek to understand the right of collective self-defense survivors organizations

2014-08-09 16:35:00
Whereas was conveyed the idea that opposition to the Cabinet decision that met with representatives of survivors' organizations in Nagasaki, to tolerate the exercise of the right to collective self-defense, any dispute also peaceful on the basis of international law Prime Minister Abe emphasizes the idea that aims to solve, and sought understanding.


Stated the continuance in office of Prime Minister Abe Kan Chief Cabinet Secretary

2014-08-09 13:40:00
Prime Minister Abe a press conference in Nagasaki, the Chief Cabinet Secretary that are needed just the "official residence, Have stayed in the job continue in the future is as it pursues a policy in a stable manner for the cabinet reshuffle to be performed next month It said it "hopes, we revealed the idea to stay on Kan Chief Cabinet Secretary.


Solidify do not worship on the day of the end of World War II prime minister

2014-08-09 05:47:00
Prime Minister Abe is considering that the "day of the war" of the 15th next week, the firm policy that does not worship at Yasukuni Shrine Following last year, to pay a fee sacred Shinto tree branch.


To talks with the United States and the Republic of Korea Foreign Minister Foreign Minister Today

2014-08-09 05:32:00
To attend the foreign ministers meeting of the series of ASEAN = Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the 9th, Kishida Minister for Foreign Affairs that visited Myanmar has decided to perform the Foreign Ministers' Meeting and individual Korea and the United States, in collaboration with issues surrounding North Korea It is the idea that you want to see and that you keep up with Te.


And gazing at the situation in Iraq bombing government

2014-08-09 04:40:00
In northern Iraq, in response to the fact that the United States military has carried out air strikes limited, based on the position, which has been supporting the war on terror so far, the Government of Japan, watch the situation in the future while taking a contact also and the United States government we have decided to go to, Kishida Minister for Foreign Affairs, which is considered in the US-Japan Foreign Ministers' Meeting of the 9th, you want to find an explanation.


Democratic Unionist parliamentary group also exploring opaque realization

2014-08-09 04:29:00
In order to strengthen the cooperation of the opposition between towards the unified local elections next spring, Kaieda representative of the Democratic Party are looking for that you assembling a unified parliamentary opposition of other extraordinary Diet session in the fall, but the collective in opposition within from that there is open to the idea tour the policy, such as the right of self-defense, it is an opaque situation if you can achieve.


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