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Political News(2014/08/11)

Kyoto   Hakone

To expel the Osaka Fugi of intimidating the "LINE"

2014-08-11 22:43:00
Osaka Prefectural Assembly lawmakers Oosakaishin'nokai is, as had sent the smartphone in the "LINE" message such as intimidating schoolgirls from, 11 day and night, parliamentary legislators belongs to, to school officials and "guardian I decided that the recognition that bothered as such is "missing, to expulsion. On the other hand, legislators have said, "can not be convinced disposal".


First meeting medical expenses to "spending goal" setting

2014-08-11 20:08:00
First meeting to set showed a level that should be on medical expenses in each prefecture to "spending goal", the experts meeting of the government is opened, the disease on a regional basis to take advantage of the data, such as medical fees specification = receipts it was decided to show the calculation method of the goal before March next year by, for example, to analyze trends.


NHK poll party support rate

2014-08-11 19:32:00
36.7% is ▽ Liberal Democratic Party, 6.4% is ▽ Democrats, 3% ▽ Komeito, 1 percent ▽ Nihon'ishin'nokai, 0.3% is the party of ▽ next generation, support rate of each party is, of ▽ everyone 0.2% is the party, 3.2% is ▽ Communist Party, 0.3 percent is the party of ▽ life, 0.7% is ▽ Social Democratic Party, with 39.4 percent "political party which supports especially not" is ▽ were.


33% 51% disapproval Cabinet support

2014-08-11 19:26:00
51% up 4 points from last month, the person who answered "do not support", people that you and depends on the poll of NHK, was answered "support" the Abe Cabinet, was 33% down 5 points.


And "to improve relations and to interact emphasis" Foreign Minister

2014-08-11 06:11:00
In addition to Myanmar meeting of ASEAN = Association of Southeast Asian Nations has been opened, it was met with Foreign Minister China, South Korea relations are at a low ebb, Kishida Minister for Foreign Affairs, has exchanged views with the foreign minister of North Korea by around the abduction issue. After finishing the dates of the series, will continue, Kishida Minister, showed its intention to with an emphasis on dialogue, to tackle, such as the improvement of relations.


Agreement in relation to strengthening Japan-India Foreign Ministers of economy and security

2014-08-11 05:43:00
10 day and night (Japan time), in Myanmar visited, and met for the first time with Swaraj Foreign Minister Modi government of India, Kishida Minister for Foreign Affairs, agreed that it will further strengthen the relationship, such as the field of security and economy of both countries were.


"The international community to North Korea cooperation"

2014-08-11 04:20:00
DPRK to attend the meeting of the ARF = ASEAN Regional Forum to discuss held in Myanmar, for the security of the Asia-Pacific Ocean region, repeat provocative behavior such as the launch of a ballistic missile, Kishida Minister for Foreign Affairs, the international community It was argued that should seek restraint in conjunction.


"War on terrorism support of the United States," Defense Minister

2014-08-11 00:14:00
Onodera Defense Minister met with military chairman from the United States House of Representatives, about what the United States military has carried out air strikes against a limited extremist organization in northern Iraq, "the Japanese government to the fight against terrorism in the United States for some time It said it "supports, we showed understanding.


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