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Political News(2014/08/21)

Kyoto   Hakone

To meet with Labour Party officials were Inoki's visit to North Korea

2014-08-21 23:27:00
The end of this month, the 21st, Antonio Inoki member of the House of Councilors to host a wrestling tournament in North Korea, a press conference in Tokyo, in North Korea this visit, morning relationship day, including the resolution of the abduction issue and met with officials of the Korean Workers' Party has shown a willingness to be directed to the improvement of, and dodge opinion.


Tottori Prefecture Sakaiminato Mayor visit to North Korea

2014-08-21 22:40:00
The 21st, mayor of Tottori Prefecture Sakaiminato trade with North Korea was once thriving, visited the Rason special economic zone of North Korea northeast for the purpose of inspection economy, the government canceled the refrain request of traveling to North Korea I seen the top of the municipality after that is was a visit to North Korea for the first time.


To the Auditing Practices upper house disaster special committee during closing

2014-08-21 19:19:00
Board of Directors meeting of the Upper House Special Committee on Disasters is opened, for landslides in Hiroshima by heavy rain, localized, in terms of the future, we visited the local as a special committee, and closing in seeking the attendance of Disaster Management Minister matched by performing the examination.


Hachi-mura Mr. candidacy expressed in Fukushima Governor election

2014-08-21 18:22:00
After the accident of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, towards the Fukushima prefectural governor elections will be the first, the 21st, Hachi-mura Ken, a former Fukushima branch manager of the Bank of Japan LDP Fukushima prefectural chapter is male press conference, the pride of "Fukushima It said that together into one, and "want to solve the problem, it was announced candidacy. In around the Fukushima prefectural governor election, Sato Yuhei governor of the incumbent is not to reveal the attitude, the Liberal Democratic Party Fukushima prefectural chapter is the idea that you want to recruit as its own candidate Hachi-mura Mr., but the party headquarters, corresponding to the election It is a policy to be considered carefully. On the other hand, the Social Democratic Party and the Democratic Party, has decided to request the candidacy to Mr. Sato nearby. The Fukushima prefectural governor election, so far, and Mr. Yoshihiro Kumasaka rookie independents, Igarashi Yoshitaka also expressed candidacy either.


To a new Chief Cabinet Secretary discourse request in comfort women issue

2014-08-21 17:59:00
Next year in the light and that the Policy Affairs Research Council of the Liberal Democratic Party held a meeting, you can around the problem of the so-called comfort women, Asahi Shimbun has canceled an article of some, it is 70 years after the war, to issue a new Chief Cabinet Secretary discourse It was decided to request the government want.


Criticized the heavy rain correspondence of democratic Prime Minister Kaieda representative

2014-08-21 17:03:00
Told reporters, did on criticizing the response of Prime Minister Abe to heavy rain damage in Hiroshima City, in order to pursue the Diet, Kaieda representative of the Democratic Party, the budget committee of both houses in Hyogo Prefecture Tamba of Directors visited we showed the idea of ​​going asked to perform at the closing of examination.


Committed to Komei Yamaguchi representative lifesaving rescue

2014-08-21 15:46:00
At a press conference, for a large damage was out by heavy rains, localized in Hiroshima City, the government, Yamaguchi representative of the New Komeito was asked to hit with full force, such as life-saving rescue of victims in cooperation with local governments .


Komei Nyukaku recommendation is left to the discretion of the Yamaguchi representative

2014-08-21 14:24:00
New Komeito, has decided to entrust the Yamaguchi representative in the central executive committee of the 21st, the cabinet reshuffle of policy that Prime Minister Abe has done three days next month, anyone or to recommend to the ministers as a party.


Policy of the budget request of the largest-ever Ministry of Defense

2014-08-21 04:50:00
For budget request for next year - 2015 fiscal year budget, in order to strengthen the island defense, Incorporating and new transport aircraft Osprey, and purchase costs of amphibious vehicles, the Ministry of Defense, seek 5 trillion 54.5 billion yen which is the largest-ever I have a firm policy.


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