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Political News(2014/09/17)

Kyoto   Hakone

"The legislation submitted to the security budget after establishment" north Vice President

2014-09-17 22:46:00
North vice president of the New Komeito lecture in Tokyo, on the development of the security legislation in order to be able to exercise the right of collective self-defense, in the ordinary Diet session next year, it is necessary after the next fiscal year, 2015 fiscal budget has been established I showed the prospect so that the bill is submitted to the Diet in bulk.


"Our best to resolve the abduction issue" Kato Chief Cabinet Deputy Secretary

2014-09-17 21:55:00
At a press conference in the afternoon on the 17th, Kato Chief Cabinet Deputy Secretary '12 in the 17th from the signature was aiming for the normalization of diplomatic relations at an early stage is to resolve comprehensively the issues between North Korea and Japan, "Japan-North Korea Pyongyang Declaration" In connection with that it has become, we have emphasized the idea that devote ourselves to such resolution of the abduction issue continue.


To meet with Prime Minister Morimoto Korea President

2014-09-17 21:04:00
At the prospect of meeting with (Park Geun) President Park Kune of Korea in Seoul on the 19th, handed a personal letter of Prime Minister Abe, Morimoto Prime Minister to improve the Japan-South Korea relations are at a low ebb in issues such as the so-called comfort women We are Aim and want to promote an environment to the realization of the summit.


"The discussion of the nature of education, such as" Prime Minister

2014-09-17 20:42:00
Education reproduction execution meeting held on the 17th, said, "Education Play's mid-way," said Prime Minister Abe is the way of education that leads to "local creation" and "activities of female" is the most important issue of the regime was instructed to and, for such as securing education funding, to promote discussion.


To visit China next month executive of the Liberal Democratic Party-New Komeito

2014-09-17 20:11:00
The lecture in Tokyo, in relation to the improvement of Japan-China relations, next month, executives of the Liberal Democratic Party-New Komeito Party visited China, north Vice President of New Komeito, the Chinese Communist Party now has become and remains cut off I decided to clear the outlook exchanges between political parties and would be resumed.


The aim of the operation is stopped until 2019 Futenma base

2014-09-17 19:49:00
Met with Nakaima governor to visit Okinawa Prefecture, clarify the idea, which aims to stop operation until the beginning of 2019 of the United States military Futenma base, but Chief Cabinet Secretary, such as the conclusion of a new agreement that supplements the SOFA , I have stressed their determination to tackle government work together to realize the mitigation of the base burden.


Prime Minister interim storage facilities maintenance to give understanding

2014-09-17 19:18:00
And visited the Fukushima prefecture Okuma Town, visited and construction candidate sites of store interim storage facility and soil out with decontamination, while obtaining an understanding with carefully explained to landowners, Prime Minister Abe is the development of facilities has shown the idea that I want to promote. In addition, Prime Minister Abe has expressed the cell is opened on December 6 the Namie over Sendai between the Joban Expressway.


Apology Gillen President "was inappropriate"

2014-09-17 18:28:00
In the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, which attracted criticism in an inappropriate jeers against women legislators, and "a" Why do not After "marriage she says that I am a place of private" members of the Liberal Democratic Party, which was appointed chairman of the Parliamentary League to discuss gender equality and a problem that you speak with, this lawmaker apologized and said "made a personal remark not Wakimae the position that the President was inappropriate," he said.


"Extraordinary Diet session in the local creation Diet" Prime Minister

2014-09-17 17:41:00
In Fukushima Prefecture Hirono-cho, told reporters, described the extraordinary Diet session of policies that convened on the 29th of this month, and "I want to continue to face in the enthusiasm for the" local creation Diet "", Prime Minister Abe is "local creation" we showed the idea of ​​aiming for early passage of legislation to implement the.


"Reducing the burden action by tax increases" Japan Medical Association

2014-09-17 17:22:00
At a press conference, in upward shown an understanding that you raise to 10% the consumption tax rate, said "further burden, could lead to the collapse of community medicine," said Yokokura chairman of the Japan Medical Association is the government and the ruling party, has shown that the idea to seek measures to reduce the burden of medical institutions.


Yubarimeron change the popular revitalization plan

2014-09-17 16:38:00
Application is after another from all over the country in efforts where you can send the Yubarimeron using the hometown tax system Hokkaido Yubari has become a financial rebuilding organizations across the country only began, as no longer able to support a budget that was not initially expected, budgeted additional The application to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications financial recovery plan that incorporates such, we consent.


The local elections won by Oshima before Vice President local creation

2014-09-17 15:01:00
Through such that the workshop faction of their own, which was held in Tokyo, to tackle it is an important issue of the Cabinet to "local creation", Oshima former vice president of the Liberal Democratic Party, won the local elections, such as the local elections next spring we showed the idea that stacking is as important.


"I sake thorough decontamination, such as" visited the Prime Minister Kawauchi Village

2014-09-17 12:31:00
Morning the 17th, based on the fact that visited and temporary housing in Fukushima Prefecture Kawauchi village, has been issued as part of the village in one day with next month, evacuation instructions by the nuclear accident is released, Prime Minister Abe residents But to be able to return as soon as the 1st, we have emphasized the idea to take all possible measures, such as decontamination.


Mechanism demands Medical Association refund towards the 10% consumption tax

2014-09-17 08:22:00
In order to summarize the desire for the hike to 10% of the consumption tax rate, to support medical institutions aggressive capital investment, such as the Japan Medical Association is a new mechanism to refund the sales tax that took in such as the purchase of medical equipment You are going to should be introduced.


Division concern Watanabe representative before falling out and Asao representative

2014-09-17 04:16:00
16 day and night, Watanabe before representative and Asao representative of Your Party is meeting in Tokyo, we exchanged views with around the direction of the party of the future, but the end inconclusively, in the party, conflict if Fukamare In addition, it is the party voice to concerns that it could develop into the event of a split also has come out.


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