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Political News(2014/10/19)

Kyoto   Hakone

"The international community of justice dominated law and national interests of Japan" Prime Minister

2014-10-19 20:47:00
Was held in Tokyo, greeted at the annual meeting of the International Bar Association to make, such as bar associations around the world, Prime Minister Abe is a national interest of Japan to defend the international community that the rule of justice and "law, It said "he philosophy of Japanese diplomacy, we showed the idea that government should continue efforts to establish the rule of law in the international community.


Minister Obuchi tomorrow to survey results published forward and backward transmission

2014-10-19 19:24:00
Obuchi Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, is scheduled to issues surrounding the government's report on political funds, such as a support group of their own, and generally summarizes the findings so far, to be announced on the 20th. It has the recognition of gain an understanding of the people is difficult, and met with Prime Minister Abe, did on reported its contents, Obuchi Minister has decided to tell about the soul of the company, including the resignation.


Diplomatic relations phase visits from offshore the Northern Territories

2014-10-19 17:38:00
The 19th, the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Ota visited Hokkaido, aboard the Japan Coast Guard patrol boat, we visited the Northern Territories for the first time since taking office.


Amendment tour parties of Worker Dispatch Law discussion

2014-10-19 12:14:00
In Sunday discussion of NHK, Tour of the amendment of the Worker Dispatch Law to some elimination of time limitation of dispatched workers, the Liberal Democratic Party, while emphasizing that it is reform for dispatched workers also contribute to the success of women, Democrats showed the idea is as disparities could spread suppressed wages remain low throughout life, not be accepted.


LDP-Inada "Mr. Minister Obuchi accountability"

2014-10-19 11:59:00
Inada Parliamentary investigation chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party showed his thoughts in Sunday debate of NHK, the issues surrounding the government's report on political funds, such as a support group of Obuchi Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, that there is a need to Obuchi Minister himself accountable.


Tokyo overconcentration nearly half "undesirable"

2014-10-19 07:18:00
While people who are and will depend on public opinion survey by the Cabinet Office went, answered "undesirable" to Tokyo to "over-concentration" was the nearly half, approximately 60% of the people living in urban migration to rural It was negative in.


To tomorrow meeting with Prime Minister Abe Minister Obuchi

2014-10-19 05:52:00
Obuchi Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, is the policy of the Minister to resign if it is determined in the issues surrounding the government's report on political funds, such as a support group of their own, public understanding can not be obtained in the survey results. Prime Minister Abe met with Minister Obuchi 20 days, you will see that the only after receiving a description such as prehistory, to confirm the intention of the Minister Obuchi, including forward and backward.


Ebola hemorrhagic fever corresponding SDF personnel dispatched consider

2014-10-19 04:17:00
Amid infection of Ebola hemorrhagic fever continues to spread around the West Africa, to help to support in the future to gather information quickly, the Ministry of Defense, to dispatch the Self-Defense Forces personnel as contact personnel of the United States Army in Germany in the "Africa HQs" I am studying in the direction.


The social security review and spouse deduction

2014-10-19 04:11:00
As there is a need to encourage the employment of his wife towards the realization of a "society in which women are shining", is dependent on her husband, the private sector members of the Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy of the government, the social security system of the current in addition to the spouse deduction I compiled a draft proposal that asks to review the way.


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