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Political News(2014/10/25)

Kyoto   Hakone

"The effort to days in-Japan-South Korea summit meeting" upstairs Mr.

2014-10-25 20:55:00
Second floor Affairs chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party to speak at Sapporo, in relation to the relationship with China and South Korea said, "If there is a problem that can not be solved immediately, if there is no room to think and put next to politics does not proceed before" , you do not have to worry about such issues over the Senkaku Islands and the so-called comfort women of Okinawa Prefecture, has shown the idea that we should make efforts together towards the realization of the summit.


Edano chief secretary of the government and the ruling party is the accountability

2014-10-25 17:46:00
Told reporters in Edano secretary general of the Democratic Party in Tokyo, and around the ministers of the Abe Cabinet did on that one after another problem of "politics and money", said the "ball is in the government and the ruling party", Diet in in order to perform a constructive discussion, we emphasized the idea that the government and the ruling party side should do their accountability.


Prime Minister "serve peace and stability in our best of the world."

2014-10-25 12:20:00
Abe Prime Minister, without attended the memorial service of the martyr was SDF personnel to be "the ultimate sacrifice to free, for protect the peaceful life and public life, and that you will try our best to contribute to the peace and stability of the world It is said that the pledge ", it was comfort the spirits of the martyr were members


Debate this month will not be held outlook

2014-10-25 04:08:00
Liberal Democratic Party and the Democratic Party, such as the once a month as part of the Diet reform, in the agreed debate will not be held this month outlook by held, skeptical about whether In between the ruling and opposition parties, the future, and Parliament operation of the agreement as expected is done also out of view such.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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