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Political News(2014/10/31)

Kyoto   Hakone

Sex crime penalties and to the configuration requirements discussion

2014-10-31 22:48:00
Study Group of the first meeting with experts from for reviewing the penalties of sex crimes is opened, that will continue to debated, such as whether to relax the configuration requirements of whether Kaya of crime it heavier by pulling up on the penalties prescribed by law was confirmed.


Kaieda said "our best to Dispatch Law amendments established blocking"

2014-10-31 22:00:00
Kaieda representative 31 day and night of the Democratic Party, at a meeting held in Kobe, Tour of the amendment of the Worker Dispatch Law, criticized the response of the ruling party about the question of the House of Representatives Health, Labor and Welfare Committee of 31 has been postponed above, it was shown by overlapping the idea that given our best to prevent establishment of the amendment.


Determine the 1 billion yen surplus issued to Fukushima Play

2014-10-31 20:59:00
Reconstruction Agency is, as "Fukushima Play accelerated grant" to support the Fukushima prefecture of municipalities that were affected by the accident of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, combined to deliver more than 1 billion yen in the municipality of Kawauchi such as 13 the I decided that.


Japan-North Korea talks in "without evaluating other than abduction issue" and transmission

2014-10-31 18:41:00
Ihara Asia Pacific Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at a meeting of the Liberal Democratic Party, in consultation over the investigation of the abduction victims, from the North Korean side, past surveys is insufficient, there is an explanation that put out a decent result this time upon that and it was, it was revealed that it has communicated the idea that it is not evaluated as the Japanese side even if there is progress in the investigation of non-abduction issue.


Q & A send-off in the Dispatch Law amendment opposition rebound

2014-10-31 18:02:00
House of Representatives Health, Labor and Welfare Committee October 31, had planned to enter into substantive discussions of the amendment of the Worker Dispatch Law, the Board of just before, it shows the idea that you want to modify the part of the director of the New Komeito is amendment opposition side to rebound to that was, question was shelved.


"Female employees" promotion bill deliberation containing

2014-10-31 17:44:00
Deliberated filled in the bill the House of Representatives plenary session to promote the "success of women", Arimura of Women Ministers "work and family and the development of a variety of working patterns that may be compatible, depending on each woman of intention It is said that such "to promote the way of realization work was, and sought understanding in early passage of the bill.


To raising the GPIF domestic stock ratio 25%

2014-10-31 17:10:00
120 trillion yen more than independent administrative corporation that operates a reserve of public pensions, in order to enhance profitability, while lowering the operating ratio of domestic debt securities such as government bonds, domestic stocks and foreign equity proportion of current " It was to be such as to raise "25%" from the 12% ", it was decided a new investment policy.


The criticism from each parliamentary group in the House of Councillors election reform LDP corresponding

2014-10-31 16:19:00
Open council of each parliamentary group to consider the electoral reform of the House of Councillors, the Liberal Democratic Party, vote disparity "6 down up 6" the capacity of the constituency towards the corrective was such plan that also reduces the constant of proportional representation in helping , but showed four of the draft, and as such as from other parliamentary group "has waived the summary of opinion", was succession of opinion to criticize the correspondence of the Liberal Democratic Party.


Of Chinese ship in coral poaching LDP to protest

2014-10-31 14:46:00
Opened the joint meeting of the diplomatic relations of the Liberal Democratic Party, on issues seen with the Chinese fishing boat off the coast of the Ogasawara Islands are poaching the precious coral, pointed out such as "whether the Chinese side is not there no going to crack down seriously" is and one after another, the future, it was confirmed a policy of protest to the Chinese side as a party.


Specific measures the government report of "local creation"

2014-10-31 12:57:00
Government of work teams that are considering the specific measures of "local creation" is, towards the job creation at the local, government and industry, universities, the new organization the state in which such financial institutions in cooperation The maintenance thing or that, it has put together a report that incorporates such measures to support the migration to rural from urban areas.


The support measures considered to proposed assumption of the prime minister from the local

2014-10-31 12:11:00
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is a special committee of the House of Representatives currently being deliberated the bills of local creation, whereas had been pointed out that it should create a new grant system, intensive implementation of the effect is high policy In order to continue to, we showed the idea that will consider support measures necessary to premise a proposal from the district.


The Cabinet decision a national strategy Special Zones Act amendment to the deregulation

2014-10-31 10:03:00
Government in the Cabinet of the 31st, and the like are performed bold regulatory reform is only the region in the "national strategy Special Zone", that and to expand the acceptance of foreign workers to do housework support, operation of public schools by private operators and incorporating such that admit, it was decided the amendment of such national strategy Special Zones Act.


Even survey results published in the next month without Obuchi resignation from the Diet

2014-10-31 06:00:00
In the issues surrounding the political funds of Obuchi before the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, and in response to the fact that Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office has embarked on raids, and with Obuchi to cooperate in the investigation, the investigation results within the next month without resign lawmakers It is published to and we have to want to play a accountability. Government ruling party is poised to keep an eye on such investigation of the whereabouts, but from opposition parties also appear opinion asking you to resign the lawmakers.


Capacity building to protect national security in space utilization

2014-10-31 05:06:00
Government, to improve the ability to protect the safety of the country by utilizing the space, has compiled the draft of incorporating such increasing information gathering satellite for collecting image new space basic plan, such as military installations.


to seek tenaciously thorough research and honest reporting

2014-10-31 04:17:00
Tour of the investigation of the abduction victims by North Korea, North Korea in talks with Pyongyang, while to deepen the investigation without regard to past survey results, it does not indicate specific information about the abduction victims was. Government has decided to go in search tenaciously as such as "" was pulled out a commitment that insist not "in the past of the polls are half a step forward", thorough research and honest reporting.


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