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Political News(2014/11/01)

Kyoto   Hakone

A society without former Prime Minister Koizumi primary

2014-11-01 22:14:00
Koizumi former Prime Minister is to lecture in Tokyo and National City, in connection with the fact that TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant decommissioning work plan for is to be reviewed in the delayed form, is irreversible if "Once accident Okire and said tell not ", promoting the spread of renewable energy, has shown overlaid the idea that we should be a society without nuclear power.


Kaieda investment policy criticism of representative pension reserve fund

2014-11-01 19:12:00
About Kaieda representative of the Democratic Party to speak at Utsunomiya, the GPIF = pension fund management operation independent administrative corporation to operate the reserves of public pension, has decided to raise the operation ratio of domestic stock, the "stock price Abenomics has been criticized as somehow because you pretend to have been successful, "Raise.


Also evaluated supplementary budget consider Tanigaki easing

2014-11-01 12:16:00
For Tanigaki secretary general told reporters in Hiroshima of the Liberal Democratic Party, for the fact that the Bank of Japan decided to additional monetary easing to 31, in terms of was evaluated as "are perceived to have a favorable impression", restoration costs of disasters such as also in order to cover, it showed a recognition that there is a need to consider including the organization of this year's supplementary budget.


Three opposition party bill submission policy to "consumption tax increase freeze"

2014-11-01 05:56:00
Party such as the three opposition parties of the Meiji Restoration, the order to freeze the hike to 10% of the consumption tax rate, which is scheduled for next year in October, also in the House of Representatives next week a bill that was to assume such as the execution of the reduction parliamentarians of constant was firm policy to be submitted jointly.


Casino bill also view the current Diet session establishment difficult

2014-11-01 04:13:00
Bill is that towards the casino ban in Japan, after which there is deep-rooted careful opinion in the New Komeito, etc. also influence the two ministers came in to replace, the deliberation of the bill in the committee of the House of Representatives folded standing is expected to full-scale not, it also has come out view that is it not? of the establishment of the now of the National Assembly from the ruling and opposition parties difficult.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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