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Political News(2014/12/22)

Kyoto   Hakone

And instructed the sanctuary defunct review of Prime Minister expenditure

2014-12-22 19:42:00
Abe Prime Minister in the Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy, the Tour of the next fiscal year, 2015 fiscal year budget, which organized work is underway, for ministers, towards fiscal consolidation, continues to grow every year about 1 trillion yen in such aging to have social security costs was also instructed to reduce the sanctuary without review streamline expenditure, including.


Check the inauguration of Hosoda Mr. Prime Minister faction chairman

2014-12-22 16:42:00
Abe Prime Minister, serve as acting president of the Liberal Democratic Party towns and villages faction of former faction Hosoda secretary general agency and is met, the successor of the faction chairman of the new House of Representatives towns and villages original Chief Cabinet Secretary has become a carry to be elected chairman, is Hosoda Mr. It was confirmed that he was appointed to.


Trends gaze Chief Cabinet Secretary in China of the East China Sea

2014-12-22 12:41:00
In Kan Chief Cabinet Secretary press conference, in China of the island of Senkaku Islands of northwest approximately 300 km of Chinese military Okinawa Prefecture, is related to the fact that it was reported in part to have embarked on the development of military bases, China East China Sea, etc. and as is made to activation activities in, and showed the idea that will continue to monitor developments.


In social security costs suppression to government bonds issued compression

2014-12-22 05:43:00
In the next fiscal year budget, which organized work is underway, the amount of government bonds to be newly issued as debt, but outlook is that less than this year with an increase in tax revenue due to recovery of corporate performance, the government's financial soundness of goal advances the stage of reduction of expenses, such as social security costs of suppression towards the achievement, it is policy to further compress the issuance of government bonds.


Difficult situation Korean foreign minister meeting later this year held during the day

2014-12-22 05:05:00
Japan, China, South Korea three countries foreign ministers meeting in which schedule adjustments have been made between the Chinese side, not standing prospect from the fact that you are, such as dates of Wang Yi Foreign Minister has in built up, Foreign Affairs Ministry You are held within the year is a difficult situation.


New Komeito corporate tax cut width, such as this week discussion

2014-12-22 04:07:00
LDP-Komei two parties, and around the handling of effective tax rate of corporation tax that has been the focus of next year's tax reform, the government next year, in response to the are considering a reduction of about mid 2% base, this week , we have decided to discuss such specific reduction width.


Re-election is Kono Mr. Miyazaki Governor election incumbent

2014-12-22 01:26:00
Miyazaki governor election due to term expiration, the 21st vote is carried out, as an independent incumbent, the Liberal Democratic Party, Democratic Party, New Komeito, the next generation of the party, the Social Democratic Party is Kono Shun 嗣氏 that would recommend played a second time winning.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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