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Political News(2015/01/10)

Kyoto   Hakone

Negative at the confluence of the Democratic presidential election candidate Restoration

2015-01-10 18:47:00
Three candidates who ran for representative election of the Democratic Party in the meeting in Osaka, the relationship between the party of opposition the second party of the Meiji Restoration, the negative thoughts to both parties of the confluence as there is open, such as the policy was reiterated.


Negative to Chief Cabinet Secretary House of Councillors election before the constitutional amendment

2015-01-10 14:11:00
But Chief Cabinet Secretary, for the constitutional amendment in the program of commercial of BS, in terms of it was said, "Diet 2 of force of 3 minutes can not be changed in quite simple and necessary in both houses", the Constitution before the next year's House of Councillors election has shown the negative thoughts that aim to revision.


Some say interim budget organization inevitable

2015-01-10 04:45:00
The government and the ruling party is to convene a regular session earlier this month on the 26th, but is thought to reduce the early establishment of the new year - 2015 fiscal year budget, under the influence of budget work has come a year by the dissolution of the House of Representatives, the establishment of fiscal year is not easy, organized provisional budget has come out is the view that is inevitable.


Chief Cabinet Secretary "Murayama there may be a discourse wording review"

2015-01-10 04:08:00
But Chief Cabinet Secretary, in the program of commercial of BS, including in the "Prime Minister discourse" to announce this year to be a post-war '70, expressed a poignancy remorse for the invasion of the past colonial rule, the so-called Murayama discourse, Although take over as a whole successive Cabinet position, has shown the idea that there may be able to review, such as the wording of Murayama discourse.


"Women are shining companies" Prime Minister's Commendation

2015-01-10 01:14:00
Abe Prime Minister towards the realization of the "women shining society", and is actively promoting the female appointment of to such management, Tokyo of distribution giant, Seven & and Eye Holdings, of Akita City Hokuto Bank , I donated the Prime Minister's Commendation.


When estimated in public pension new investment policy

2015-01-10 00:02:00
Government in the cabinet meeting of the 9th, when the GPIF = pension fund management operation independent administrative corporations a new investment policy of reserve of public pension that was decided last year, to estimated by fitting to the 2008 fiscal year that so-called Lehman shock has occurred, loss of approximately 26 trillion yen I decided to answer that was such occur.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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