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Political News(2015/02/08)

Kyoto   Hakone

To correct loosening of fiscal discipline of the Democratic Okada representative budget

2015-02-08 20:49:00
Okada of the Democratic Party, told reporters in Nagoya City, the government for the new year - 2015 fiscal year budget of policy to be submitted to the National Assembly this week the 12th, in terms of it was pointed out that loose looks to fiscal discipline, fiscal consolidation has shown the idea to go a positive to the government from the viewpoint of the aim of.


The Liberal Democratic Party, Tanigaki secretary general agricultural cooperatives reform carefully discussion to understand

2015-02-08 20:20:00
Tanigaki secretary general of the Liberal Democratic Party to lecture in Akita Prefecture Odate, Liberal Democratic Party and JA over the agricultural cooperative reform Zenchu ​​= adjustment of Central Union of Agricultural Cooperatives in did on to be in the final stage, also consider the claims of JA Zenchu by carefully discussion while, it showed the idea of ​​want to get an understanding.


LDP whether adjustment of talks endgame and JA Zenchu ​​chairman

2015-02-08 19:22:00
And executives of work team of the Liberal Democratic Party on agricultural cooperative reform, JA Zenchu ​​= Central Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Manzai president has met in Tokyo, the Tour of the such authority elimination of accounting audit of JA Zenchu ​​has become the focal point , I will be expected to endgame of adjustment has been carried out.


"Air-conditioned base around the school" referendum notice

2015-02-08 12:06:00
Referendum asking the pros and cons of whether to install air conditioning in elementary and junior high schools in the base around the Air Self-Defense Force of Tokorozawa, Saitama Prefecture is, the 8th, was notice.


To confirm the strengthening tomorrow Date Thailand summit economic relations

2015-02-08 05:41:00
Abe Prime Minister, if you are to be met in Purayutto interim prime minister and the 9th of Thailand to visit for the first time after the inauguration Japan, such as Japan's cooperation of the railway construction to infrastructure development of the beginning Thailand, strengthen relations in the economic field You are going to want to check.


To consider full-scale of reduced tax rate ruling party of consumption tax

2015-02-08 05:00:00
Ruling Tax Council, for the reduced rate of consumption tax, if you have decided to enter new from the 9th in the Review Committee, which is provided to the study of the detailed system design, reduced tax rate to the specifically what items such as groceries consider to focus how to apply will be earnest.


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