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Political News(2015/02/11)

Kyoto   Hakone

The opposition counterproposal in Inada Mr. agricultural cooperative reform

2015-02-11 17:47:00
Inada Policy Research chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party is to lecture in Hiroshima Prefecture Kure, as well as to emphasize the significance of agricultural cooperatives reform promoted by the government and the ruling party, shows the idea of ​​asking you to present a counterproposal to the opposition to criticize it and does not hit the growth strategy year.


While obtaining Yamaguchi representative security legislation is public understanding

2015-02-11 17:35:00
Yamaguchi representative of New Komeito a press conference in Kawasaki City, for the ruling party talks aimed at the development of security legislation to resume from the 13th, aims to consensus within the ruling party to do our discussion of bill while gaining an understanding of the public be advanced the creation showed the idea that important.


Abe Prime Minister condolences in the US women died confirmation

2015-02-11 16:44:00
Abe Prime Minister, in response to the fact that the death of the American woman who had been bound by the Islamic extremist organization "Islamic State" has been confirmed, and at the same time represent the condolences, in the international community to advance the fight against terrorism, humanitarian aid Through the expansion of, it was announced the message you want, and the like will play a resolute responsibility.


Okada "sharp confrontation in the Diet debate"

2015-02-11 16:26:00
Okada of the Democratic Party is greeted at a meeting of the party held in Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture, the idea is that we want to sharpen the confrontation with the Abe administration in the parliament of the debate over the such as development and economic policy of security legislation showed.


"Security legislation" the establishment in the bill of maintenance current Diet session

2015-02-11 15:11:00
Sato Diet Affairs Committee Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party, is greeted at a meeting held in Tochigi Prefecture Moka, for the bill on the improvement of security legislation, upward shown the prospect of submission to the National Assembly will be in May after long holiday season in, and showed the idea of ​​want to measure the establishment now of the National Assembly.


Message presented at the day of the Prime Minister National Foundation

2015-02-11 06:06:00
Abe Prime Minister In greeting the "National Foundation Day" of the 11th, "it is not possible to defend the great tradition If you do not adapt to changes in the environment, tackle the decisive also anticipation reforms 100 years" I announced the message that.


Agricultural cooperatives reform bills deliberations in focus after unification elections

2015-02-11 05:37:00
Government and the ruling party, JA Zenchu ​​= about bills of Central Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of accounting agricultural cooperative reform that incorporates such as audit of authority elimination, go into deliberations after the local elections of April, in the now of the National Assembly While the policy to promote the establishment, such as the Democratic Party, agricultural cooperatives reform has been criticized not hit the growth strategy, it is expected to become one of the focus of the second half of the Diet.


Upstairs Affairs Chairman adjustment in Korea President and talks

2015-02-11 05:20:00
Upstairs Affairs chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party visited South Korea from the 12th, Park Kune it has been adjusted in the direction of meeting with (Park Geun) President, based on the fact that the '50 from this year is the Japan-Korea normalization of diplomatic relations, and chilly in This is the idea you want to explore the clues of improvement of relations between the two countries that are.


Election idea Son in the manifest advantage

2015-02-11 01:19:00
manifest that play an important role as a judgment material when voters choose a candidate. With the help of this manifest, consider the idea to increase the interest in the voters of elections and political "election idea Son" is the 8th, was held in Tokyo.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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