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Political News(2015/02/18)

Kyoto   Hakone

Deliberation containing the Budget Committee the new fiscal year budget

2015-02-18 22:13:00
New year - 2015 fiscal year budget, is performed purpose described in the budget committee of both houses, the Aso Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, asked for cooperation in the establishment of early.


Match and in aim conclusion of until around TPP spring

2015-02-18 21:38:00
Amari economic revival responsible Minister, a member of the American opposition Republican Party and met with Ryan lawmakers, chaired the House, Ways and Means Committee, with the aim of conclusion of the spring around the negotiations over the TPP = Pacific partnership agreement cooperation matched by going to.


And submit a voluntary return his bill of Restoration annual expenditure

2015-02-18 20:27:00
Party of the Meiji Restoration, was listed as a pledge in the last year of the House of Representatives election, in order to achieve a 30% reduction of annual expenditure of parliamentarians, has submitted its own bill to admit voluntary return his annual expenditure in the House of Representatives.


The willingness to Prime Minister TPP Japan-US talks early conclusion

2015-02-18 18:46:00
Diet, is performed representative questions of the second day in the Upper House plenary session, Abe Prime Minister, for the Japan-US talks over the TPP = Pacific partnership agreement, said, "Currently, We are currently exploring the landing point", negotiations and as is in the final phase, showed a willingness to early conclusion.


Liberal Democratic Party is broadcasting a program of the Internet

2015-02-18 18:11:00
Liberal Democratic Party, in order to appeal to the party of the policy to youths, and broadcast the Internet of the program party executives and ministers to appear over half a day, Tanigaki secretary general, in relation to the new labor system, avoid the "long working hours At the same time, it said that unless should not "Ika In the ways of working a little more flexible, and sought understanding.


Also subject to the economic impact enormous if right of collective self-defense exercise

2015-02-18 15:05:00
For Takamura Vice President told reporters of the Liberal Democratic Party, in relation to the maintenance of security legislation, for minesweeping activities of mines in the Strait of Hormuz in the Middle East, in the case is very large economic impact of exercise of the right of collective self-defense I showed the recognition that may be subject.


The aim scrapped democratic and Union new labor system bill

2015-02-18 13:54:00
Met executives of the Democratic Party and the Union, the government is about to be submitted to the now of the National Assembly, for the bill in order to introduce a new labor system that determines the reward in the outcome rather than the hours worked, as bring a very major obstacle to national , I have confirmed the policy that will aim to scrapped.


I work on, such as Prime Minister care staffing

2015-02-18 12:23:00
Diet, is performed second day of representative questions in the Upper House plenary session, Abe Prime Minister, as such this year for the revision of the spring of nursing care fees, are paid generous compensation to businesses that provide high-quality services, I showed even working on going thought to ensure maintenance and personnel of nursing homes.


Liberal Democratic Party in the exercise policy draft "National Movement to constitutional amendment"

2015-02-18 05:48:00
LDP, and summarizes the draft of this year's exercise policy, based on the fact that to celebrate 60 years from Ritto, we aim to create a constitutional amendment draft as conservative party that was starting a constitutional amendment as Toze, national which is towards the revision and we have set, etc. that you push the Na movement.


I seek understanding tenaciously government base relocation

2015-02-18 05:03:00
Around the US military Futenma base in Okinawa, the government from the fact that it is increasingly poised to prevent the relocation to Henoko is Nago Onaga governor of Okinawa Prefecture, If the ball lands is hindrance to relocation plan that such other mitigation of base burden Even if could out effect, we have decided to go in search of tenaciously understand.


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