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Political News(2015/02/19)

Kyoto   Hakone

No correspondence problem of prime minister Japanese murder

2015-02-19 19:17:00
Diet, the basic question began in the House of Representatives Budget Committee from the 19th. Okada of the Democratic Party, while criticized the government response to the Japanese killings by extremist organization IS = Isla mix Tate, Abe Prime Minister, "it is always poised, on crisis management, not as a problem at all I countered with a ".


Skeleton draft turned out of security legislation maintenance logistic support

2015-02-19 18:58:00
Become the focus in the development of security legislation, for logistical support to foreign troops by the Self-Defense Forces, the backbone of the proposed legislation the government put together is now clear. Of these, logistic support to carry out for peace and stability of the international community, we have established a permanent legal and permanent law as the new law, the subject of support, basis the consent of the right to self-defense and area countries that are not based on UN resolutions I am a foreign army also included to act as.


Prime Minister discourse experts meeting of installation announcement

2015-02-19 18:26:00
In Kan Chief Cabinet Secretary afternoon press conference, this year to be a post-war '70, Abe Prime Minister to announce around the "Prime Minister discourse", the experts meeting that Members Taizo Nishimuro and his colleagues of Japan Post president the installed next week, it was announced that it opened the first meeting. Government Based on the discussion of the meeting, is the policy that organize the discourse in prospect this year summer.


To Ishin industry associations donations received ban

2015-02-19 17:04:00
Party of the Meiji Restoration, open the Executive Board of the extraordinary, as part of the efforts of "reform biting", the receipt of political donations from companies and organizations, from next year, I decided to totally ban to policy.


Counterterrorism thorough in towards the Prime Minister Tokyo Olympics

2015-02-19 12:15:00
Diet basic question begins with the House of Representatives Budget Committee from the 19th, Abe Prime Minister towards the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic of 2020, such as the strengthening of border measures to prevent the entry of terrorists, all possible measures to counter-terrorism It showed synchronizes to go thought.


The economic recovery in the LDP SME support

2015-02-19 11:48:00
Liberal Democratic Party executive and is opened meeting of executives of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Takamura Vice President of the Liberal Democratic Party, also efforts as the party in support of local small and medium-sized enterprises, told the idea that want to ensure its economic recovery .


Final adjustment in self-secretary general public next month the 23rd visit to China

2015-02-19 06:01:00
Inoue secretary general of Tanigaki secretary general and Komeito of the Liberal Democratic Party, in order to resume the political party exchanges with the Chinese Communist Party, which has suspended six years ago at the end, the final adjustment in the direction to visit China from next month the 23rd I am promoting.


"Behavior towards the rally of opposition forces" Restoration

2015-02-19 04:18:00
Party of the Meiji Restoration, summarizes the draft of this year's activities policy, as "continue to act towards bringing together a wide range of opposition based on the policy agreement", has announced a policy aimed at opposition restructuring towards the realization of regime change you.


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