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Political News(2015/02/22)

Kyoto   Hakone

Policy decisions, such as the Meiji Restoration Metropolitan initiative realization

2015-02-22 18:42:00
Party Restoration open the party convention in Osaka City, to realize the "Osaka and initiative" to provide a five special wards is abolished now of Osaka City, towards the bringing together of things and a wide range of opposition forces to address will be given the party and incorporating such things to continue to act Te, we decided this year's course of action. Eda representative has called for unity to be "can instead Liberal Democratic Party, let's build up together a regime change possible political party".


"Takeshima Day" ceremony in Matsue

2015-02-22 18:37:00
Shimane Prefecture is opened in the 10th to become ceremony Matsue "Takeshima Day", which was defined by the ordinance, the Cabinet Office of Matsumoto Yohei Parliamentary Secretary to the issues surrounding the "Takeshima, in a very important issue related to Japan's sovereignty , it was stated that calm and peaceful work in the best order to solve ".


Including the investigation verification, such as abduction victims until summer

2015-02-22 05:33:00
The government, for the investigation of such abducted by North Korea, until the summer Shi that it consists of survey began one year, not only result reporting, verification work by the Japanese side also has been that it is necessary to finish, to prepare for verification also view it to carry out the consultation towards, and our policy is going to strengthen the outreach to North Korea.


To study at the local community development experts meeting of the elderly

2015-02-22 04:13:00
Government, while receiving the services, such as the elderly requiring care and medical continuously, with the aim of putting in place all over the country the local community that can live as a one with the live, by installing the experts meeting, towards the introduction such as we have decided to proceed with the consideration of the issues.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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