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Political News(2015/04/04)

Kyoto   Hakone

Idea to seek understanding in relocation Kan Chief Cabinet Secretary Onaga governor

2015-04-04 18:41:00
But Chief Cabinet Secretary, attended the ceremony return of the United States military facility, which was held in Okinawa Prefecture Ginowan, showed the idea to continue to support the development plan of the site while also based on local intention as government. Also, but Chief Cabinet Secretary, told reporters, in the meeting with Onaga governor to perform five days, in order to remove the US military Futenma also risk a day of base early, shows the idea of ​​seeking understanding in relocation plan by the government advance year.


Return the Parliamentary activity costs councilors more than 150 people

2015-04-04 18:01:00
Inappropriate spending for Parliamentary activity costs became a problem in the last year around, NHK has conducted a survey of all prefectures Congress and the city council ordinance on the subject. As a result, as such as "there was a use that would otherwise have a question", last year - 2014 fiscal year, the lawmakers and former lawmakers who return the Parliamentary activity costs, I have found that up to more than 150 people across the country.


The expulsion dispose of the meeting Uenishi House of Representatives member of Osaka Ishin

2015-04-04 17:43:00
In the evening of the day before the party of Uenishi Sayuri member of the House of Representatives of the Meiji Restoration was absent from the House of Representatives plenary session on the grounds of ill-health, for such as that it was dinner with members of other party, of "Osaka Ishin that Uenishi lawmakers belongs meeting "is, as such" It's very puzzling ", has decided to be the heaviest expulsion as a disposal.


Hiroshima leaders of foreign minister world and Nagasaki visit to call

2015-04-04 12:03:00
Kishida Foreign Minister, greeted at the meeting, which was held in Hiroshima City, this month, at the Review Conference of the NPT = Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty to be held in the United States, as Japan is the only war bombed country, to political leaders of the world I showed the idea that you want call a visit to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


TPP week after next to the adjustment also Japan-US talks resume

2015-04-04 06:44:00
And around the TPP = Pacific partnership agreement, from the Japanese government position to aim the early conclusion of the entire negotiations, have been that it is necessary to settle the bilateral talks with the United States to before the month end of the Japan-US summit meeting, I went into the adjustment in the direction resume the talks in the week after next.


Tomorrow governor and talks to Chief Cabinet Secretary Okinawa visit

2015-04-04 04:46:00
Among the government and the opposition of Okinawa Prefecture subsequent to around the pros and cons of the relocation plan of US military Futenma base in Okinawa, but Chief Cabinet Secretary visited Okinawa Prefecture from four days, met with Onaga governor five days, danger of Futenma base Towards removal has to be determined understanding of planning.


In the United States Secretary of Defense visited Japan to discuss, such as "guidelines"

2015-04-04 04:15:00
Next week the United States of Carter Secretary of Defense, Japan and visited South Korea, in the first of talks in Japan and Nakatani defense minister, guidelines of the Japan-US defense cooperation is promoting the adjustment in the direction you summarize in late this month, for the review of the so-called guidelines It is scheduled to discuss.


The law widely review a subject in the Liberal Democratic Party age provision

2015-04-04 04:05:00
Civil Code Extraordinary Committee of the Liberal Democratic Party on the reduction of adult age, which is defined as the amendment of the Public Offices Election Law to lower the voting age to 18 years of age or older is received that it has been submitted to the now of the National Assembly, more than 20-year-old adult age such as, our policy is to target a wide range of reviewing the 20 bottles near the law that there is age provision.


"Not meeting attendance travel" Restoration Uenishi legislators

2015-04-04 01:49:00
Uenishi Sayuri member of the House of Representatives of the Party of the Meiji Restoration 3 day and night, a press conference, for that was reported by some as such was traveling immediately after absent from the House of Representatives plenary session of last month the 13th because of poor health, and supporters In attendance at the meeting in terms of explained that it was not a trip, we apologized and was insufficient physical condition management such as dinner the day before the plenary session.


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