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Political News(2015/05/06)

Kyoto   Hakone

Telephone talks with Defense Minister Australian defense minister and the submarine joint development

2015-05-06 15:11:00
Nakatani Defense Minister, held talks on the phone with Andrew's defense minister of Australia, Andrew's defense minister is around the introduction plan of Australian submarines, also Japan in procedure to choose the partner countries of the joint development to have requested to participate and against, Nakatani Minister has shown the idea of ​​going to study.


LDP upper house electoral reform "aggregated if Ward" is the focal point

2015-05-06 07:11:00
Draft around the electoral reform of the House of Councillors, Liberal Democratic Party in the policy to be full-fledged party discussion from large consecutive holidays opening, the executive of the House of Councillors are considering, to carry out case-ku to the two provinces into one electoral district in it is expected to do is focus can be opinion-intensive.


Rep diplomacy deployment to China and mutually beneficial relationship based on common strategic interests

2015-05-06 05:29:00
Has visited China, delegation of Takamura Vice President from Sun during the Parliamentary Friendship League of the Liberal Democratic Party, a series of talks with Chinese Communist Party cadres, has been that it was able to confirm each other's intention, which aims to improve relations. On the other hand, lawmakers Federation, based also high interest of the Chinese side for the recognition of history, history of as a peaceful nation is such as tenaciously explain Japan's position that it is not also change in the future, toward the establishment of a strategic mutually beneficial relationship It is a policy to expand the lawmakers diplomacy.


Posted some information of government TPP negotiations to HP

2015-05-06 04:12:00
The government, based on the such that calls for disclosure of negotiating the contents of the TPP = Trans-Pacific partnership agreement has come out, 21 fields, towards the creation of a consensus document that consists of 29 chapters, that the negotiations have continued, Homepage in we were in the clear.


In remote island defense to Miyakojima Ishigakijima to GSDF troops deployment

2015-05-06 04:07:00
Ministry of Defense, in the island defense of the southwest region, in order to enable a more rapid response, to Miyako and Ishigaki Island in Okinawa Prefecture, it has been discussed in the direction to deploy the troops of the Ground Self-Defense Force, which corresponds to such initial response in case of emergency You.


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