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Political News(2015/05/07)

Kyoto   Hakone

Break not I help tell the Foreign Minister of Nepal

2015-05-07 21:38:00
Kishida Minister of Foreign Affairs held talks on the phone with Nepal Pandey Foreign Minister, whereas in response to the damage caused by this earthquake, told the idea is intended to make support unbroken up to the restoration and reconstruction from emergency humanitarian assistance, Pandey Foreign Minister showed the idea to expect the continued support of Japan.


The name of the package of bills in the "peace safety legislation Improvement Act"

2015-05-07 20:44:00
Open the meeting members et al in the parliament of the ruling party talks aimed at the development of security legislation of New Komeito, the government side, the name of the bill put together into a single collectively the revision of the Self-Defense Forces Law, such as 10 pieces of current law "peace We have to clear the idea that want to safety legislation Improvement Act ".


And acknowledge some local burden policy of Prime Minister reconstruction projects

2015-05-07 20:09:00
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met with Takeshita reconstruction minister, out of the reconstruction projects after the next fiscal year, while such core business, including the construction of disaster public housing is to be addressed in full scholarship, part of the business, such as road maintenance business of inland We have accepted the policy seeking also financial burden to local governments.


And visited Miyazawa Kei-san phase Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant

2015-05-07 18:12:00
Miyazawa Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry is the 7th, visited the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, contaminated rainwater is visited such site that has flowed out to sea through the drainage, some countries in the decommissioning-contaminated water measures to reporters front We reiterated the idea that must be addressed to stand.


The constituency maintenance of the upper house prefectures unit

2015-05-07 16:12:00
And around the electoral reform of the House of Councillors, elected one of the volunteer members of the Liberal Democratic Party met with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, from the standpoint of opposition to the proposal to carry out a case-ku to the two provinces into a single electoral district, the future of the constitutional amendment We offer that we should be considered to maintain the constituency of each prefecture in the discussion.


US Congress speech of prime minister "determination facing the Diet deliberations"

2015-05-07 15:21:00
In Kishida Foreign Minister House of Councillors Foreign Affairs Defense Committee, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe last week, in his speech, which was carried out in the United States Congress, the bills of the security legislation this year about what you have stated the idea to be established until the summer, "in Diet deliberations It is said to face it shows the determination ", and showed the idea that efforts to establish through polite Diet deliberations.


Liberal Democratic NIECE said "the constitutional amendment initiative within two years."

2015-05-07 14:24:00
For NIECE - constitutional amendment Promotion Division told reporters in the parliament of the Liberal Democratic Party, to deepen the discussion with the political parties on constitutional reform, and to initiative the constitutional amendment within the next two years, shows the idea that is desirable to carry out the referendum below.


House of Representatives Constitution Committee's first substantive discussions

2015-05-07 12:24:00
House of Representatives Constitution Review Board, for the first time after last year's House of Representatives election, gave a substantial debate around the constitutional amendment. Liberal Democratic Party is facing the first initiative of the constitutional amendment, whereas such as providing the terms of the "emergency" corresponding to such large-scale disaster was that it should be discussed with priority, the Democratic Party, the government side as it is necessary to confirm such constitutional sense, it showed a cautious stance.


The ruling and opposition parties confrontation with Diet security legislation of consecutive holidays opening

2015-05-07 06:13:00
In the National Assembly the second half of the large consecutive holidays opening, is a policy of the ruling party side, the important bills, including the bills of the security legislation that becomes the focal point, to establish even by extending the session of the now of the National Assembly. On the contrary, such as among the opposition Democratic Party, in the stance that does not respond to early deliberations into the relevant bill, it will be expected to confrontation color of the ruling and opposition parties intensified.


The sanctions strengthen consider abduction issue summer prospect

2015-05-07 05:33:00
Abduction issue headquarters of the Liberal Democratic Party, from the fact that progress is not seen in the investigation of the abduction victims by North Korea, as there is a need to consider further strengthening of sanctions against North Korea, is provided with a new work team, that is we decided to put together a policy to prospect the summer.


To measures strengthening in the Democratic 18-year-old right to vote

2015-05-07 05:03:00
Democrats, consider amendment of the Public Offices Election Law to lower the age at which the right to vote is obtained in more than 18 years of age is in response to the fact that has been submitted to the House of Representatives, its own manifest that young people of interest, such as employment was high policy theme of pillars such as, we have decided to strengthen the efforts was conscious of young voters.


And compiled during the "My Number" leverage measures this month

2015-05-07 04:01:00
The government, using the next year operation begins, "My number system", in the future one of the sites on the Internet, and such things that allows for the procedure, such as tax and pension, leads to an improvement of public convenience The specific use of measures will have to be summarized in this month.


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