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Political News(2015/05/16)

Kyoto   Hakone

Prime Minister, "the further new action plan foreigner"

2015-05-16 19:41:00
Abe Prime Minister, for after reporters who visited the Mount Koya in Wakayama Prefecture, in order to attract more local and foreign tourists, develop a new action plan that incorporates such as the goal of increasing the duty-free shop of consumption tax in rural areas It has shown the idea to tell the relevant ministers to.


Prime Minister constitutional amendment "we want to deepen national debate"

2015-05-16 17:56:00
Told reporters at Abe Prime Minister visited Wakayama Prefecture Koya-cho, the constitutional amendment in terms of said "national debate is growing, deepening, and spread it is important that the go", and amendment to such provisions and timing and around the showed the idea that you want to deepen the national debate around the Liberal Democratic Party.


Visit such as shoe manufacturing company in the prime minister the earthquake in '20 Kobe

2015-05-16 12:18:00
Abe Prime Minister, visited the Kobe became the '20 this year from the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in the 16th, in addition to I mourned the victims are Te-muke flowers to memorial, was severely damaged in the earthquake lady We have visited such as shoe manufacturing company.


Recommendations Council private legislators spending control measures

2015-05-16 06:09:00
Private members of the Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy of the government, when attempt is reflected in the fiscal consolidation plan for the next five years, for the purpose of suppression of expenditure, health care and things and local to promote the entry of private operators care in areas such as incorporating such fundamentally reviewing that the allocation method of allocation tax are summarized recommendations.


Kishida to 訪Ro adjustment earnest of Foreign Minister

2015-05-16 05:10:00
The government, as Kelly Secretary of State of the United States is no longer failure of Foreign Minister of the traffic between the day in response that it has held talks with President Putin we visited Russia and Russia, the future of Kishida Minister of Foreign Affairs prior to the visit to Japan of President Putin Russia This is the idea that you want to full-scale adjustment for the visit.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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