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Political News(2015/05/23)

Kyoto   Hakone

The second floor and his colleagues visited China Orchestra Xi Jinping Jintao and met

2015-05-23 23:10:00
Upstairs Affairs chairman 3,000 visit to China group of Liberal Democratic Party that you are visiting Beijing was met Xi Jinping Jintao and the 23rd night of China. Did on this basic policy will not change that 習主 seat want to develop Japan-China relations in the history of the aggression of Japanese militarism distortion, it was stated that does not allow any behavior you want to beautify.


New and reconstruction assistance to Vanuatu cyclone damage

2015-05-23 20:51:00
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was held in Fukushima Prefecture, "Pacific Ocean Islands Summit" to a combined total of the 23rd, seven met with the country's leaders, of which, in the meeting with Natsuman Prime Minister of Vanuatu, this year March of cyclone I was told the idea to make a new support towards the restoration and reconstruction of the damage.


Declaration such as the Pacific Ocean Islands Summit island countries support

2015-05-23 16:56:00
Was held in Fukushima Prefecture, "Pacific Ocean Islands Summit" is Japan for South Pacific island nations, such as it is intended to make the support of more than 55 billion yen over the next three years, such as measures to climate change and natural disasters and incorporating, I was closing it adopted a "Fukushima Iwaki Declaration".


Pacific Ocean Islands Summit Prime Minister 55 billion or more of the support expressed

2015-05-23 10:41:00
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will be addressed in the summit meeting of the "Pacific Ocean Islands Summit", which is held in Fukushima Prefecture, to the South Pacific island nations, more than 55 billion yen over the next three years, such as measures to climate change and natural disasters The policy is intended to make of the support I have expressed.


Experts Kon Chair "apology keynote future-oriented important than"

2015-05-23 07:07:00
Future than the experts meeting of the government towards the development of the "Prime Minister discourse" of post-war '70 August 22 is open, Taizo Nishimuro, who chaired told reporters, Prime Minister discourse to the keynote an apology to show the attitude of the orientation is showed the recognition that it is important.


To support assertions in the Pacific Ocean Islands Summit disaster prevention measures

2015-05-23 05:53:00
Leaders of Japan and the South Pacific of 16 countries will participate, "Pacific Ocean Islands Summit", the second day of the 23rd, while Abe Prime Minister to express their support for disaster prevention measures and human resource development, the island countries We decided to request such cooperation to the war dead of the remains collected against.


We strengthen lobbying to government World Heritage

2015-05-23 04:56:00
The government, in response to that consultation with South Korea over the registration to the world heritage of "Meiji Japan's industrial revolution heritage" was over remains of parallel lines, as well as seek tenaciously understanding on the Korean side, examination of the World Heritage Committee in we decided to strengthen the outreach to the committee countries as there is also likely to be voting.


Consumption tax reduced tax rate stable financial resources focus

2015-05-23 04:07:00
Temperature difference between the ruling tax Council, has decided to accelerate the discussion towards the introduction of the reduced rate of consumption tax, and concerns about, such as that tax revenue is reduced deep-rooted Liberal Democratic Party, the New Komeito you want to apply to a wide range of items Among you there are, it is expected to be how to secure stable financial resources to compensate for the decreased tax revenue becomes the focus.


"Advanced municipal waste Reduction Support" to the proposal

2015-05-23 04:06:00
Private members of the Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy of the government, in order to expand nationwide the municipality of efforts to fiscal consolidation, summarizes the recommendations seek to create a new mechanism to support the advanced local governments in the budget and taxation It was.


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